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Billinwoodla 05-21-2019 09:45 AM

Seat Cover suggestions, pricing suggestions for coach
My wife and I are planning on downsizing from our Monaco Monarch 35' so we are putting it on the market. There are a few issues with the coach, one being the clear coat finish above the windshield has been pealing, and the other is the strange finish that Monaco used on the driver and co-pilot seats has been coming off. Both issues are cosmetic as far as I can tell. So my questions are:
1. Should I purchase seat covers so the coach shows better? I certainly will disclose the issue to potential buyers. Any suggestions on brand of seat cover?
2. While I have looked at NADA, my experience is that those values come in very low. What is the best way to determine the asking price, and how much do I discount for the described issues?
This coach is gorgeous on the inside other then the mentioned seats. It only has 24,000 miles on the ford V10 and about 80 on the generator. Ive owned the coach for 4.5 years and the engine and generator are exercised monthly if the coach is not being used.
Suggestions appreciated.

Peterson143 05-22-2019 11:20 AM

Bill, I would venture to say that the NADA on motorhomes is more of a reality check then a low ball price. Everyone thinks their rig is worth more than the NADA says. The problem is that may or may not be true. My experience with NADA is that it is a starting point for you to find the sweet spot price that will sell your rig. Every buyer is going to see your coach through different lenses of importance to them. Myself I was always guided to stay away from coaches that were made after 2007. That was when the original Monaco started to have financial issues and quality was not the same as prior years. Is that true? Don't really know but that is one "reality" that is out there. My own coach sat for sale for two years at 30k higher then I paid for the rig. Previous owner kept lowering the price and when it hit 30K under original price he started getting calls, including mine and he sold the rig. Side note, the price I paid was the NADA value at the time. So the old saying goes "your coach is worth what someone else is willing to pay". I would say from my experience NADA plus 10% should put you in the ballpark. Remember that any improvements you made are the cost of your "hobby". Are they important? Maybe yes and maybe no. In our case the previous owner had just installed new floors through out (tile) and new pilot and co pilot seats. Did it matter to us? No, wife replaced the entire floors and both front seats because they were not what she wanted. So in our case the monies spent on the flooring and seats were wasted cash by the previous owner. What sold me was the overall condition of the interior and the outside full body paint was in showroom finish condition. Pervious owner had always had the coach ceramic coated twice a year so you could see your reflection all the way around. That was our reality and what we were looking for in a coach.
So my two cent opinion would be clean it inside and out, keep it washed up, install seat covers (I wouldn't loose sleep over the brand, see my comments above) and for the love of god take your personal items off the coach and stage it like a dealership would. Can't tell you the rigs we looked at over the years that appeared that the owners went camping came home and left the dishes in the sink and personal items laying wherever they hit the floor. Of course their ad would read "pristine condition". I think a well presented coach that is reasonable priced will move quickly enough.

Billinwoodla 05-23-2019 10:57 AM

Thank you Peterson for the prudent and thoughtful comments. Very much appreciated.

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