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MEWright 05-29-2019 03:27 PM

Anyone recognize this piece (or whats left of it) Get a new puppy they said--It will
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Looks like our new puppy went under the coach (2014 40G) and found or created a loose wire and freed the coach of it. Need to determine what it is, what is is for and where to get a new one.

It looks like the number on the plug is;

Easy enough to get a replacement but not sure what it was for.


powerboatr 05-29-2019 03:31 PM

i would be looking around the transmission
it looks like some sort of temp sensor or some sort of sensor

Spdracr39 05-29-2019 03:48 PM

Wires for the step, running lights, fog lights ... Has to be something low hanging and that only needs a positive and negative..

rmueller 06-01-2019 06:54 AM

No idea, but it looks delicious!

MEWright 06-05-2019 04:13 PM

Found the plugs ends
I found replacement ends on Amazon Prime 9.99, will have tomorrow. Then the hunt begins. Pretty sure its from the back half of the coach...

richard5933 06-05-2019 04:38 PM

The markings on the connector (Deutsch, etc) are probably the part number for the connector itself, not the harness piece. Those red rubber pieces look like they are the weather seals.

Might be a game of hide-n-seek once you replace the connectors on the ends.

Not sure if you've powered up yet, but is there anything not working that should be? Odds are, whatever that cable was powering/monitoring won't be working right now. I'm not encouraging you to do this until you know what it is though, since it would suck if this cable was part of a safety shut-down of some type.

Skip426 06-05-2019 04:46 PM

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Need some engine info please , because my best guess at the moment , would be the Cummins electric lift pump power wiring ; from the ECM to the lift pump.

You'll need to get under the engine to see what " other mayhem " has been wrought .

Here's a picture of a Cummins lift pump , showing the connector on the pump.

TwoGrizz 06-06-2019 04:12 PM

Puppies.....Don't you love them?

BigEvi 06-06-2019 04:22 PM

You can buy the connector plug on amazon. That's what dt04-2p is. And hopefully you can crawl around under the coach and find the other ends of those 2 pins...should be hanging there somewhere or possibly captured in an adel clamp or zip tie.

Google it.


MEWright 06-06-2019 04:26 PM

Repairs--Or process prior to starting repairs or starting coach
The connector is eaten, the two ends still appear to be ok nad appear to be just "pulled out" of the femal. Once the connector has been located and replaced and the female for the 2 males are located and put in, then I will start looking for more issues.

I will not attempt to start the coach until I locate the missing wiring and at least have it repaired or positively identified and isolated. Secondly, once located and replaced I will check everything under the coach for additional, collateral damage.

Then I will carefully start the coach and run through each system before ever taking the brake off or putting it in a drive gear.

Thank you SKIP246 for the pics, that is the info i was waiting on.

Skip426 06-06-2019 06:27 PM

IF :whistling:, I'm correct in identifying the connector and wiring , I may have bad news for you the wiring plugs into one of the connectors on the Cummins ECM , and there are lock tabs in the connector to prevent the wires from pulling out . With damage to those lock tabs getting the wiring back into the connector isn't an issue but keeping them there is .
Take a good look around because if the damage is extensive , maybe an insurance claim is in order, particularly if there is any other damage to the engine wiring harness .
In the mean time , I'll try and locate an ECM connector pin out diagram to show you where they go.

MEWright 06-07-2019 05:55 AM

Thank you!

lwmcguire 06-07-2019 06:52 AM

If not ecm then water separator sensor

MEWright 06-09-2019 08:31 AM

Found 3 wires that have been eaten
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Luckily I found the pieces under the coach and will need to replace the plug ends. Would like to know what they are if anyone can identify,

1st was water separator sensor. NP I know that one.

The pictures are posting upside down. will take better pictures today. The connectors on bath at the component seem to be fine. I need to know what they are so I can get the right male/female ends for them or replace them completely.

Second appears to be at the air tank/pump not sure, s

Third appears to be in or just behind the bell housing,

This is on a 2014 Discovery 40G Cummings.

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