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brandss 06-24-2019 06:48 PM

Pepwave Max BR1 MK2 Setup
I wanted to ask if the settings for this router are standard or should I be making changes with it. When I set it up I simply installed my two sim cards (verizon and att) and away I went. I didn't select a preferred sim and I set up the Priority 1 as free wifi then the sims. Is there something different I should be doing? I've searched online and haven't seen anything. Appreciate any comments. Not a tech guy but can certainly follow instructions.

johnhicks 06-24-2019 09:26 PM

Your description looks like you have it figured out correctly.

brandss 06-24-2019 10:09 PM

Following up on my initial post. Here is an example tonight that I donít understand. I have my pepwave with the two sims installed. AT&T in the first slot and Verizon in the second. The pepwave stayed with AT&T but after a Speedtest I got just over 2.0 download. I then removed the Verizon sim from the PW and put into the 8800 jet pack. I hooked up the 25$ antenna to the jetpack and then ran a speedtest. 10.0 download. I donít understand why the PW stayed with the AT&T and didnít switch to the Verizon sim. Seems like I have an issue with the settings on he PW.

As a side note Iím in a good size city so towers all around me. I reall would appreciate any thoughts on this.

SkiSmuggs 06-26-2019 02:53 PM

Is it possible you were using the CG wifi? What determines a switch to another service?

johnhicks 06-26-2019 10:11 PM

The Pepwave would switch to sim #2 if sim #1 lost connection, not just because it was slow.

The Verizon 8800 is a 4X MIMO device and will be lots faster than the Pepwave if you're in a good signal environment.

brandss 06-26-2019 11:03 PM

Thanks for the replies. I've learned a lot since I got it. It's only my opinion but I think the Pepwave router is one of the tools in an arsenal for those that have to have wifi, like myself. It's not a perfect solution for every situation. Those smarter than me like Neal C or Turbo Pilot can certainly correct my statements.

I have a multitude of bullets in the gun. I have a work phone that allows me to use it as a hotspot. It costs me nothing and the company allows me to use it this way. The wife has a cell phone and ipad that allows limited gigs each month. We obviously use this as a last resort (almost never) because it costs us more for every gig used. I have an Ubiquity air cube along with their antenna to deal with free campground wifi. I also have that connected at times to the Pepwave router listed as Priority 1, but, that depends whether free wifi requires a separate login...that can be a pain. I have a jet pack for each ATT and Verizon with no throttling. I use these occasionally, again, depending on where I am and what I'm facing. I also have a $25 directional antenna that I can plug into each jetpack, if needed. And finally, we have the pepwave with an omni directional antenna on the roof.

Most of the time I use the free campground wifi via the ubiquity setup. If that is not enough I go to the pepwave with both the sims and depending on where we are and the cell towers near us, I dedicate sim A or B as the priority.

I can say that for an old timer, this stuff is confusing. I continue to read and try to understand. I can't wait until I retire and I don't have to have wifi, only enjoy it when it's available.

mailfored1 08-11-2019 04:49 AM

Working With Pepwave
Scott I know the feeling that your having. I recently purchased a Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini and feel like I'm in a darkroom feeling my way around. This youtube video sent me down this path; " " About 2/3 of the way in, the video shows a full set-up (really clean) with a Pepwave based system. It also includes a Mini computer set-up for video processing. The ladies that have the unit are IT and communication pros. I looked at finding one of the Pepwave BR1 Mini units and found them on Amazon, but for $399.00, which is a bite to rich for me to experiment with. Then bingo, ebay, I paid about $100.00 out the door, used. From what they say in the video, these devices are better than baked bread. they talk about how the unit can move between different carrier depending on the signal strength and that you can decide when the unit switches by levels of which carrier is getting the best signal. Then again, these 2 gals are pros, it is their business. I wrote them, and they responded. I imagine they are deluged in folks like us trying to work with these devices. I am currently looking for someone local, an IT guy, that might consider this a challenge to take on. One thing that I do like is the fact that the user can option what antennas are to be used. I also have a Weboost amplifier, that I plan to use with the system, for boonies location. I am not much of an IT guy and I can't imagine these are

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