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Fredk20716 07-01-2019 04:37 AM

Awning Replacement with Different Brand
I need to replace my awning and hardware. Currently I have a discontinued Dometic Model framing, arms and roller. I am thinking of changing to a different brand complete system. Anything I should know before I change brands or am I asking for problems because of the bracket holes not lining up? Iím not deterred by a little body/fiberglass work.


DENSHER 07-01-2019 07:02 AM

Some 10 years ago I had to replace awning that had old style Dometic frame. I replaced with Dometic and still had issue with bracket holes lining up. I positioned the new brackets about 1/2" to make all new mounting holes, filled old holes with sealant caulk and stainless steel screws in holes that were not covered by the new bracket then painted screws.

Gary RVRoamer 07-01-2019 01:23 PM

Yes, that sort of trouble is almost guaranteed. There is no standard for awning mounts, so even changing the awning model within the same brand is highly likely to use different hole locations. Further, it's possible that the RV builder placed backer board in the sidewall solely for the purpose of mounting a awning, meaning the brand & model he planned ahead for.

Get the install instructions for the brand/model of your choice and check carefully in advance. BEFORE you buy the awning.

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