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Jasonzinmo 07-17-2019 02:45 PM

2004 HR Imperial 40PDQ Keyless entry
So without going into details I had a front tire blow out which pulled me into the median cable barrier. Lots of body damage and to the front electrical distribution panel. The box was toast but electrically it remained mostly in tacked. The "Monaco 2" fuse box is still somewhere in the median but all the connectors pulled out cleanly except for 2 wires for the exhaust brake, it pulled the pins out of the connector. Some of the relays mounted in the box were also "lost". I have since learned the proper procedure to recover from a blow out...

It has been repaired and is back from the shop but they gave up on one thing. The keyless entry pad isn't getting power. Actually, it does, when you step on the brake... So somehow the power to the keyless system is tied into the brake light circuit. I have been all over what few drawings I have and the manual but have not found the fuse for the keyless system in the distribution panel. There is one called "REFER" which I haven't figured out. I would like to trace the wiring to the keyless system.

Any help?

Jasonzinmo 07-17-2019 04:10 PM

Would "Security System" be part of the keyless circuit/system?

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