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Salmon Run 08-19-2019 09:02 PM

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I have a 98 Discovery with a Dometric fridge/freezer, i have a frosting issue on the fridge cooling veins, has anyone had this and what is causing

Jim_HiTek 08-19-2019 10:34 PM

Sure do know...that's simple condensation frozen to the radiator fins. Cure is to stir the air around the refer portion with a fan.

Here's my '94 Dometic refer fan setup and installation: Refer Fan DIY...

With mods, it can be adapted to new refers and Norcold's too. Here's a '02 Norcold installation: Refer Fan Installation - Norcold

It's both fun and satisfying. My Norcold installation is still running strong 3 years of full timing later and I still have ZERO frost on the fins.

Old-Biscuit 08-19-2019 10:50 PM

ICE is a GREAT Insulator......all that ice is insulating the thermistor (temp probe on fin for thermostat) so thermostat keeps calling for heating (cooling cycles)

ICE formation is due to WARM moist air getting inside food compartment either

*because folks are standing there lookie-louing with door open letting ALL the cold air out/warm air in,
*door seals not closing tight allowing warm air in,
*drip tray drain hose plug in end of hose missing allowing warm air in,
*thermistor BAD

First thing..........
Defrost and get rid of ALL the ice (is freezer iced up also?)
Check drain hose for small insert with holes in end of hose
Check door seals.....dollar bill across seals in various spots/close door and pull on bill---should have strong resistance when pulling it out
Mentally visualize where items are and don't stand there with door open

IF---BIG IF---all above check out OK
Replace the thermistor
'Snip-The-Tip' is an easy replacement w/o having to pull new thermistor leads to lower circuit board (google it)

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