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Travelmaven 09-16-2019 09:16 AM

How do I set the AGS?
Hello All.

I recently purchased a used 2018 Fleetwood Discovery LXE 44H. The coach has all kinds of goodies in it, including a Firefly system that controls most of the coach's functions.

One thing that's stumping me is how to set the automatic generator start (AGS) function on the Firefly system. Fleetwood has told me that the AGS should be set so that the Onan 8K generator goes on when battery power drops to 11 volts, and shuts off when the battery power reaches 13.5. However, that doesn't seem to work.

First of all, whenever the battery reaches 12.1, we get a message on the Firefly saying that battery power is dangerously low. So, obviously, setting the AGS at 11 volts would be setting it too low for this coach.

Second, the other night we were dry camping and had the AGS set per the above parameters. We found that the Aquahot (which was set on diesel because it was cold outside and we were not hooked up to power) did not go on (so we had neither hot water nor heat), because the battery voltage was too low. The AGS was set to activate at 11 volts, as per Fleetwood's parameters, but at 12 or 12.1 volts the Aquahot diesel system won't operate.

I'm trying to figure out how to set the AGS and still use the Aquahot on diesel. So I set the AGS to activate at 12.4 volts (which is high enough for the Aquahot to work on diesel) and to shut off when the batteries reach 14.3 volts. (They routinely reach 14.5 when fully charged.)

Does anyone have any comments/suggestions on how to set the AGS? Is the above correct, when considering the requirements for using Aquahot's diesel function?

Also, when we're not using the Aquahot, should the AGS settings be the same?

Finally, one of the Fleetwood tech support people told me to set the AGS so that once the battery voltage reaches the upper AGS limit, the generator will keep running for an hour. His explanation for this was that our 6-volt house batteries need a "deep charging". Does that make sense? Should the generator continue to run at all once the upper AGS voltage limit has been reached? If so, for how long should it run?

Dutch Star Don 09-16-2019 11:26 AM

"Travelmaven".....I don't know what inverter/charger your coach is using. If it's a Magnum, look at your batteries and note the number of batteries, brand and amp hour rating. Once you have this info, call Magnum from inside your coach. They'll walk yo through ALL the appropriate settings for your coach, battery size and AGS. If it's a Zantrex, I'm sure they can help in the same way.

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