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MWeiner 10-07-2019 10:04 PM

Are you full time? Why and is it saving you any money?
What motivated you to go full time in a Class B???

Maybe you like to be mobile and see everything in the USA? And never get bored with your surroundings?

OR, do think that it's less expensive than living in an apartment? Maybe it is?

Class B's are pretty small; it's all about limited space and most people I know who have one day that they don't live in a Class B, they "live out of one".

If you are a true "outdoors type" 24/7, maybe this works well for you?

Please share your stories .

Just Don 10-08-2019 09:38 AM

1) are you going to travel full time?
2) are you going to park full time?
We have traveled full time for almost 9 years trying to see things. Last few years we started staying the winter on TX for 4 or 5 months. months at a time at places we wanted to see, but every night stopping for two nights moving to next location. Of course staying months at a time is cheaper, week at a time is cheaper than daily. Fuel prices in my Ram dully some days cost me up to $70 a day. We also started volunteering this summer we stayed four months at a National Fish Hatchery in Rivedale ND we saved a lot of money month for a free site we worked for . We figured we saved $2k x 4= $8K probably more. We had fun but we are retiring from traveling and are settling down.. Rver's said you'll know when the time to stop we are just tired of hitching up and going. sorry English word and grammar police if this isn't proper grammar and the spelling is wrong....:cool: doing this on a cell oh well.. safe travel enjoy it

VanlifeTrukr 11-24-2019 11:44 PM

Full time on wheels
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I'm a truck driver on the road Monday through Friday living in the truck. On weekends I'm in the van. No rent or mortgage. It's only been a couple months but liking it so far. Is cheaper for me as I don't pay to park. I use it as a regular vehicle on the weekends and park wherever to sleep that is convenient and free.

Maybe my opinion will change over time but considering the class b is a lot more space than the sleeper in my work truck I may just be fine for quite awhile.

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