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CampEstes 11-13-2019 10:25 AM

Port Aransas Spring Break
Good day,
We have a Spring Break trip in Port Aransas planned on the 7th - 14th. Has anyone here been there at this time. I've been to Pot A plenty, just never on spring break. I'm curious to know what kind of crowd we'll be facing. We're staying at Pioneer and will be fishing at the wall by the ferries. The fishing is my biggest concern. I've heard it can be elbow to elbow.

creativepart 11-13-2019 11:36 AM

Spring Break is pretty crowded in Port A. Of course, Pioneer is huge and MOST of the spots there are filled with snowbirds that don't leave until Easter. The town got hit very hard a couple of years ago by Hurricane Harvey. It's been about 2 years since the hurricane now.

We've been twice since the Hurricane. The first time was 7 months after and most things were closed or simply blown away. We went again last March, later in the month, and much had been rebuilt and even improved. Some things closed and never have reopened again.

If you know PA then you know Clines Landing - the big tall condo complex on the ship channel. It was damaged so much they have stripped it to the bare concrete structure and are totally rebuilding EVERY condo in the place. Last March it was just the shell showing.

As I said we went in late March last year and it was not too crowded. But it was after Spring Break. You are planning to be there during the official designated Spring Break week.

Sorry I'm no help on the fishing aspect. Not my thing. I mostly see folks on the pier next to the CC station.

Washington T 11-14-2019 01:15 PM

I used to live there 3 years ago being there 24 years gives a perspective that most do not. The locals stay away from it just too many people if the weather is nice. It is crowded. The fishing at the docks depend on weather. It is a limited area to get into the slot where you have a chance of landing a redfish you must be one of the 1st one's up from the dock. The fish hang out where the boats churn up the water and bait is present. I personally would go to charlie's pasture which is the land area to the right of the landing. Lots of flats and fish. Spring Break is not a fishing event it is a party event. IMHO

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