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CapeDave 11-17-2019 08:34 AM

A Hello, new old Tioga 22B
A quick hello new Fleetwood Tioga 22b owner. Second class C that the wife
and I have owned. First MH was bought in 2005 to tow the boat, and all
of our stuff back and forth to FL for the winter from MA. Loved that 1994
Damon Hornet 2002 just did not like the only bed above the cab.
An accident on 95 in Ct did her in in 2017 on the way home.
After a lot of looking I found a 22b for a decent price and went out to Colorado
for a test drive and purchase.
Well it was everything the prior owner said it was and made the 2,000+ mile
trip home without event.
I can not believe the difference in the driving of the old 94 with the 5.7 and
the new 2006 with the 6.0!
The difference in the quality of the interior is night and day also!
I know a small tiny class c is not for everyone but it works for us.
Think fishing at night coming back into the campground towing a 17' Whaler.
Then backing it back into your spot for the night.
Were is the best place to look for the strut and brackets that hold the door
open? For some reason it was removed in the past?
Is it wort replacing or just live the way it is?

Thanks Dave

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