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Irisnjarom 11-24-2019 12:19 PM

RV Inverter

My name is Iris Olson we had this RV for 1year half and I am looking for the RV Inverter our Fleetwood foesta 2004 is having issues being plugged into a power source and not charging any more. We replaced all the battery in the chassis and that didnt fix it.
I am.lost need help Where is it located? We tried to look under the breaker box switch board not sure that's it.

Do we replace that?
Thanks any help would be appreciated!!

Agesilaus 11-24-2019 12:26 PM

I think you mean a converter, which is what does the battery charging.
A converter takes 120V AC power and converters it to 12V DC. An inverter
takes 12V DC current and inverts it to 120V AC. Inverters are mainly used by
people who want to run 120V appliances off their batteries.

I would try to find the manual for your converter. It will have a
troubleshooting section that you should run thru to find out if the
converter is bad.

cavie 11-24-2019 12:34 PM

Also you have 2 sets of batteries. One set for the chassis and one set for the house. Chassis batteries do not power the house. Is your house battery disconnect ON?

twinboat 11-24-2019 12:54 PM

In 2004, your converter may not be setup to charge the starting batteries or the system that does isn't working.

Do your house batteries run down when plugged in ?

oilman51 11-24-2019 05:06 PM

We have a 2006 Hurricane. I had to replace our converter. Ours is part of the circuit breaker and fuse box. It is all in one box. A door opens for the circuit breakers and fuses. If you remove the screws holding the whole panel it will reveal the converter below. There are many YouTube videos to help you.

Irisnjarom 11-24-2019 05:41 PM

Yes they do, thanks for replying. The house battery connect is on. When we plug in it drains our batteries. No charge is happening.

Irisnjarom 11-24-2019 05:44 PM

We might need to replace the converter I guess that's what it's called. Thanks for everyone replying and happy RVing....:)

twinboat 11-24-2019 05:54 PM

Do the lights work with the shore power unplugged ?

Gary RVRoamer 11-24-2019 06:33 PM

You (or someone) needs to check the voltage at the house batteries, to see if it exceeds 12.7v. If it does, the converter/charger is working. If not, check the 120v power that goes to the converter to make sure it is getting power. It could be as simple as a blown fuses (reverse polarity protection, for example) or a tripped circuit breaker.
Your converter/charger is accompanied by a dual battery charge controller so that it is able to charge both the house and engine (chassis) batteries at the same time.

In a 2004 Fiesta, I'm pretty sure the converter/charger is integrated in the main power panel, where the 120v breakers and 12v fuses are. Please tell us the brand name and model of that panel so we can determine if that is the case. Assuming it is, replacing the converter requires a bit more skill than plug & play with a couple wires.

Bahamaniac 11-24-2019 07:54 PM

Changing the converter is fairly easy. But remember to unplug and not run the generator while working on it.

F4Gary 11-24-2019 08:06 PM

On my 2004 Southwind, the converter is under the fridge. It charges the house and chassis batteries.

exrench 11-25-2019 07:12 AM

On my 2004 Southwind the converter is under the washer/dryer and accessed from the bathroom.

Irisnjarom 11-27-2019 11:22 AM

I have a Class A 2004 Fleetwood Fiesta 32S workhorse chassis 10. Cylandar. I have found a box behind the fuse box but not sure that's the converter.

House Husband 11-27-2019 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by Irisnjarom (Post 5054537)
I have a Class A 2004 Fleetwood Fiesta 32S workhorse chassis 10. Cylandar. I have found a box behind the fuse box but not sure that's the converter.

If the box you are looking at has a 120 volt cord and 2 wires on terminal lugs + a couple of fuses on the back, then you have found the converter. (battery charger)

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