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Farkey 11-29-2019 11:53 PM

Drivers License
I tried to post on another thread but because it was more than 491 days old, I could not post a reply.

So I will start here. And FYI, I reside in Ontario, Canada.

I just discovered that because of the weight of my MH I require a "D" endorsement on my driving licence. I have been driving for over a year with out this endorsement.

It was not mentioned when I purchased the MH, just that I needed a "Z" for air brakes. And it was not mentioned during the course for the "Z" endorsement.

I only discovered after a conversation with a fellow camper a few weeks ago.

So now I require a medical from my doctor and once that was submitted, because I am diabetic I require a further medical report aaaaaaannnnd because I had a quadruple heart bypass 10+ years ago, I require another medical from my doctor dealing with that situation........GEESH!!!!!

The MOT is telling me it will be a minimum of 20 working days after they receive the forms before I can take the test. And depending on what the doctor says in each report, I could either be denied a licence or be required to submit more additional reports.

Our original plans were to leave to go south just after our Thanksgiving in October. Then when it was discovered about the licence requirement we decided that we would leave around the first week in November.

Now with all the time requirements with medical reports, it appears that it will be mid to late December before I will be able total the test.......YIKES!!!!! SNOW!

My concern now is the weather, because there is a good likelihood that there could be a foot of snow on the ground and I don't cherish driving in the snow; I don't think a MH is really the best vehicle to be driving around in the snow.

Therefore, I am giving consideration to not taking the test this fall but waiting for spring, but in the meantime follow our original travel plans and go south in the next week or so.....before the snow flies.

We already have a forecast for about 6" of snow for this Sunday.

What are you people's thoughts on heading out without the "D"?

Thanks for your comments.:blink:

R.Wold 11-29-2019 11:59 PM

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Colonel, have the bugler sound the charge!

SailorSam 11-30-2019 12:14 AM

Just an observation. Driving an RV in a snow storm is is definitely not fun. However, there are usually pretty large windows of time when the roads are clear and dry in between the storms...

JohnBoyToo 11-30-2019 12:27 AM

In the states, each state has it's rules, and obviously so does each country :)

I drove ours without the non-commercial CDL required in Texas for 3 years before I got one... the wife drives without one...

R.Wold 11-30-2019 12:27 AM

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So true. Watch your weather windows, but you live in snow country, you know that....

buzz57 11-30-2019 01:48 AM

The cats out of the bag! You're done. Besides revoking your license(maybe), and the good folks in insurance are also going to find out because doctors by law are supposed to notify the DMV. Worst case...........wait and hope you qualify (you will). Best case..........go and then hope nothing happens because ins won't cover anything. I could go on, blah blah blah.....snow is snow. If you're not scared in the car then the MH is the same. You take your time, follow the weather and take the interstates cuz their the first to get attention!

R.Wold 11-30-2019 02:23 AM

I only discovered after a conversation with a fellow camper a few weeks ago

Did they suspend your license? If not, you are currently a licensed driver in a registered vehicle. If they didn't require proof of a comercial license with endorsements X,Y and Z when you registered the RV, that is tacit approval for you to operate said vehicle. Go forth and conquer. Enjoy the trip, drive defensively, observe the laws and rules of the road as you would anyway, and let the bureaucrats check their boxes in their own good time without that impacting the daily course of events in your life. Its too short to wait for government employees to come up to speed on what you already know. Just my .02 worth, but thats how Id approach this.

imnprsd 11-30-2019 02:35 AM

USA Bound
With the USA so close to home, can't you get a NY-DL with a "R" endorsement?

I'm guessing this based on passing a driving test, but I don't know.

Maybe you find registering your RV in the USA will be cheaper too? Insurance too?

...And you just keep your regular Canadian DL for driving the car; and use the RV-DL when you are in your coach.

...Separate insurance. Separate addresses. Separate DLs. Is this possible? Legal or illegal?

I don't believe this is a matter of citizenship. And people have second homes all over the USA/Canada.

Who knows how common this is? To have both a Canadian and USA DL.

I found this link that may be helpful when looking a different USA State DL requirements:

Isaac-1 11-30-2019 02:37 AM

R. Wold, by that logic every owner of a business that operates CDL trucks could drive them.

R.Wold 11-30-2019 03:34 AM

I dont think so - theres a difference between privately owned vehicle and business/corporate/agency owned vehicles. Organizations have employees responsible for managing vehicle requirements but not operating them - division of labor, roles and responsibilities and all that. But an individual owns, operates, and manages all aspects of vehicle ownership. So even though my scenario is obviously a rationalization for OP to feel ok about hitting the road, it would hardly apply to the business owner or administrative assistant taking a trip in an 18 wheeler. The POV owner can make the reasonable assumption; the administrative assistant or business owner, knowing they don't have a CDL, cannot.

deaton 11-30-2019 05:27 AM

When a large claim is presented to an insurer, one likely first response is to look for a reason to deny the claim. This activity might not even be apparent to the insured, but it takes place behind the scenes in virtually every case.

Driving with an improper license is an absolute excuse to deny a claim. Even if the accident is clearly the other guys fault, you can be sure that some attorney will pick up on the fact that you were improperly licensed to undermine your position.

This wont be a problem with some minor fender bender, but when a major claim arises, with injuries and/or large damage claims, you will see this behavior.

To me, its simply not worth the risk to knowingly drive without the proper credentials. Why pay for insurance and then kid yourself that it will be there when you really need it?

tvp 11-30-2019 06:39 AM

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I too live in Ontario Canada , and purchased a Newmar Canyon Star 3710 with the 26,000 lbs Chassis, I do not have air brakes but due to the weight of the RV I'm required to have a D License.
Now in Ontario Canada , they do not have a RV D License category which they should ,

Because the test is a written and Driving test and buy the way you cannot use your RV for the test ( you don't technically have a license to drive to the test , ) I found the best way was to enroll in a CDL course up in Barrie Ontario called Crossroads , here they will prepare you for the written test , 80 questions , teach you unfortunately about CDL log books and knowledge about on duty and off duty driving hrs, which you need to pass the test , very important, they then supply a truck for you to practice and teach you all the trick questions you will be asked during the driving test that you must pass, they will also meet you at the DMV office with the same truck to take the test in , all part of the fee.

In summery I'm glad I took the course, lot of info you will never use as a RV driver but very good awareness and training. Don't think I would have passed the tests without the classes and driving practice.

Any question fire away [emoji12][emoji736]
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cavie 11-30-2019 07:00 AM

This table was taken from The Ministry of Transportation website Ministry of Transportation

One item not included on the attached chart is reference to the "Z" Endorsement also known as the Air Brake Endorsement. All Ontario residents that operate vehicles that are equipped with an air brake system must obtain an Air Brake (Z) Endorsement.

as per the chart below, any driver of a motorhome that exceeds 11,000 kg is to obtain a Class D licence. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation document does not make a distinction between "commercial" use and "personal" use, no matter what anyone else may tell you.
Class of Licence

Types of Vehicles Allowed

May Also Drive Vehicle in Class

A Any tractor-trailer or combination of motor vehicle and towed vehicles where the towed vehicles exceed a total gross weight of 4,600 kilograms D, G and A with condition (R)
Effective July 1, 2011:
Until now, Ontario drivers have needed a Class A license to tow RV's that weigh more than 4,600 kg. With this change, Ontarians can tow and operate RVs with a full G license as long as:
The combined weight of the motor vehicle and RV is not more than the current 11,000 kg limit
The RV is attached to the motor vehicle by a fifth wheel hitch hook-up
Only one vehicle is being towed
The RV meets Transport Canada manufacturing standards
The RV is being towed for personal use only

B Any school purposes bus with designed seating capacity for more than 24 passengers C, D, E, F and G
C Any regular bus with designed seating capacity for more than 24 passengers D, F and G
D Any truck or motor vehicle combination exceeding 11,000 kg provided the towed vehicle is not over 4,600 kg G
E School purposes bus - maximum of 24 passenger capacity F and G
F Regular bus maximum of 24 passenger capacity and ambulance G
Any car, van or small truck or combination of vehicle and towed vehicle up to 11,000 kg provided the towed vehicle is not over 4,600 kg, but not,

a motorcycle or motor assisted bicycle;
a bus carrying passengers; or
an ambulance in the course of providing ambulance service as defined in the Ambulance Act.

This table was modified to include the most recent licencing changes that came into effective July 1, 2011. These changes impact owners and prospective owners of fifth wheel RVs.

***Information subject to change without notice***

robertkathy 11-30-2019 07:08 AM

in az you do not need a class b lic unless you are over 26000 lb or if the coach has air brakes then you need a class b lic with air brake endorsement. you can not take the written test without two things a doctors slip and having an az drivers lic for a min of 1 yr. if you have a class b you do get a brake on your insurance bill.

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