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Dennis123 01-06-2020 11:54 AM

Picking up hitchhikers.
Picking up hitchhikers.
My wife is always giving me heck for picking up hitchhikers. When I was a kid we didnít have much and I had to hitchhike wherever I wanted to go. I always appreciated getting a ride. I was by myself in the MH and there was a younger fellow hitchhiking along interstate 81 in Hagerstown MD. I stopped and picked him up. When he got in he dropped his back pack with a heavy thud. He sat in the seat beside me and I ask him ďwhat in the heck do you have in your backpack that is so heavy.Ē (Iím hard hearing) He mumbled something that I thought he said that it wasnít any of my business, but I wasnít sure exactly what he said. It made me a little skeptical of the young man so I stopped at the next exit because I had to get gas. When I stopped I ask him again, what he had in his back pack and again (this time I listened carefully) and he said that it was none of my business. I told him to get out the door that he came in. (Ďm a pretty good size fellow) he jumped up and out the door he went. I didnít want to stay there for another altercation with him so I drove to the next exit for gas. When I was getting out of my MH I noticed his back pack lying on the floor. He ran out without it. I pumped my gas and down the road I went with MY new back pack never to see the man again. I guess youíre wondering what was in the back pack. Itís none of your business. Have a blessed day.

followingsea 01-06-2020 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by Dennis123 (Post 5100630)
When I was a kid we didnít have much and I had to hitchhike wherever I wanted to go.

Last time I picked up a hitchhiker, I was in the navy and being transferred to the east coast. I did not have much or much to loose. Interesting company for a 1000 miles.

When I had a wife and kids I did have something to loose.

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