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Jim dodd 01-26-2020 05:42 PM

Plumbing issues
Water leaking around base of toilet I think i fixed that now itís making a hissing noise itís a Dometic vac flush and keeps running about every four minutes. Canít figure out whatís going on

RRR 01-26-2020 07:43 PM

Ball valve and seals needs replacing or a good cleaning with a toothbrush. Might have some "stuff" or calcium buildup. Also let it snap back when flushing, don't just slide your foot off and let it close gently.

Also do a search on this forum for vacuflush, there is lot of posts by smarter and better qualified people than me.

Jim dodd 01-27-2020 08:15 AM

I thought I stop the leak but it’s still leaking tryst what you said but still doing the same

RRR 01-27-2020 10:17 AM

For clarification is the bowl holding water? Does it leak down/disapear after a while?

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