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Jamie65 02-09-2020 01:42 PM

Bad Diesel Fuel from Pilot
I Picked up a load of contaminated diesel fuel from Pilot in Meridian Ms. I filed a claim with Pilot, replaced the filter and drove home with no problem. Pilot asked if I wanted to get my RV checked out by a mechanic, I told them no as I didn't notice a problem driving home. I signed a release and was reimbursed for the fuel and filters. A few weeks later I brought the RV to a shop to get annual maintenance done and they discovered my primary electric fuel pump was leaking badly. The pump was replaced and since I had signed a release Pilot would do nothing more. My fault since I had signed a release and lesson learned. Don't drive any further than you have to before you change your fuel filter and get your rig checked before signing a release.

MingusPirate 02-09-2020 01:55 PM

We will not purchase fuel from Flying J, T/A, or Pilot as we get half the fuel mileage than from Costco, Chevron, or Shell. Even Kroger/Fry's is better.

PJStough 02-09-2020 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by MingusPirate (Post 5141601)
We will not purchase fuel from Flying J, T/A, or Pilot as we get half the fuel mileage than from Costco, Chevron, or Shell. Even Kroger/Fry's is better.

What do you suppose is the reason?

Monacoach 02-09-2020 02:01 PM

How did you find out that it was contaminated? Did your filter clog and stall your coach?

Jamie65 02-09-2020 03:14 PM

And carry a spare filter and filter wrench, which I do but by the time it got bad it was getting dark and on a two lane road with no place to pull off.
RV would not maintain speed and started slowing down and engine running uneven.

153stars 02-09-2020 04:09 PM

Did you keep the pump. Known issue if its the pumps that have been discussed I may have the years wrong but I'm sure it was Cummins . The ULSD causes the gasket to shrink. Sometimes it can be fixed by tightening the 3 bolts. The water may have taken the normal swell out the gasket even more. The 2 or 3 popular gaskets used have been discontinued "now buy whole pump" , but a place has started to make them for about $12.
Possibly this was your issue all along and you reprimed system. Did you examine the filters or drain off water or debris . Too bad you signed release. Not a bad thing to have a new lift pump .Did you fix it yourself.
But thanks for sharing with the rest of us ,to be aware of them even offering to help. Sorry for the bad luck.

dans1999f-53 02-09-2020 04:31 PM

The Pilot in our town has been tested and have the worse fuel in town. AVOID!

Toribk 02-09-2020 05:35 PM

I have used Pilot and Flying J almost exclusively for 8 years and have never had an issue with fuel quality.

If the fuel there was sub-par, you would not see the majority of OTR trucks fueling up there on a daily basis.

I'm sure that isolated incidents can and have occured, but it is certainly not the norm for most commercial diesel fueling centers where there is a constant turnover of product.

koda59 02-09-2020 06:59 PM

The trucking company I drove for, used Pilot/Flyingj exclusively. I never heard of any problems with their fuel. I used them for many years with my DP.
If their fuel is bad I can assure you that the trucking companies would not use them. Pilot/FlyingJ average 3 to 4 diesel truck delivery a day.
If you had bad fuel, just changing the filter would not clear up the problem with no further problems. You would also have injector problems.

Spdracr39 02-09-2020 07:08 PM

Not saying it is or isn't but I know that a lot of problems are conveniently blamed on bad fuel. My father n law would always complain when his car was running bad it was the gas but I got gas at the same station and never had an issue. I think the fuel stops are a convenient victim and other things arose that were coincidentally timed with another problem.

dons2346 02-09-2020 08:54 PM

"We will not purchase fuel from Flying J, T/A, or Pilot as we get half the fuel mileage than from Costco, Chevron, or Shell. Even Kroger/Fry's is better."

I also buy fuel from Costco and I have yet to double my MPG over fuel bought at Pilot/FJ

If Pilot/FJ has fuel as bad as everyone says it is, I think there would be a large amount of dead semi's along side the road.

grldst 02-09-2020 09:33 PM

If you filled up a tank with bad fuel, changing the fuel filters one time would not remedy the issue. I have RVed extensively since the late 80's, fill up at flying J and Pilot most of the time, and have never had an problem.

Crasher 02-09-2020 10:12 PM

I have used a lot of fuel from Flying J, but now, most fuel is from Loves because of the $.45 to $.65 discount I get there. I've also used TA and smaller firms as well. The mileage and performance stays the same and I service the filters once a year.

Bahamaniac 02-09-2020 11:02 PM

Most of the Loves and Flying J are close to the freeway here. They go through so much volume that if you buy fuel the next day you will probably buy a different batch. Most of them sell so much fuel that it doesn't sit long enough to get contaminated.

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