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BonS 02-12-2020 02:21 PM

Failed To Save Trip
I just paid my money for the trip wizard and BAM! An instant error that I can't seem to get around. I edit the trip settings for my first trip and when I press "Save Trip Settings" I simply get the error "Failed to Save Trip".

I can change most any settings under "Default Settings" and they are remembered but I always get the same error message when I save.

In addition, I cannot turn on the "driving radius" settings at all. I have entered a min, middle and max distance but the radius rings don't show up and the radio button for the radius rings keeps defaulting to off.

I'm using Win 10 with the latest Firefox for all my trials.

Also, after adding a stop on a trip and saving the stop, I get the same error message, but the stop seems to be save. Weird.

I can sure use a little help or advice getting started.

pbucha 02-12-2020 02:26 PM

Make sure you don't have RV Trip Wizard open on any other computers, devices, tabs, browsers, etc. Firefox should be fine, but try with Chrome as well.

Keep us posted.

BonS 02-12-2020 02:41 PM

Okay. I logged out, quit Firefox, relaunched, and logged back in to RV Trip Wizard. All is working as expected.

I only had one instance of the Trip Wizard running on one machine, but I had previously run the demo on the same machine in the same session, but on a different tab. Perhaps the interaction between the demo and newly paid-for version was causing the error.

After logging back in I found my first trip right where I had left it and everything is running as expected, without errors. :dance:

pbucha 02-13-2020 09:12 AM

Glad to hear. I think your intuition on the demo vs. browser vs. session is probably correct. Good job!

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