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Dminton 04-12-2020 07:19 PM

Citaion water heater not working
I have a 2001 thor citation 29jbs. Recently bout the trailer.And i am trying to figure out how to get the water heater to turn on. i found the switch that is in the front closet and have checked to see if i get power to the switch. which i am not. I also have a mystry switch that is in the kitchen area under the cabinet the looks like a regular light switch. not sure what it goes to. I have also checked fuses and breakers. Found one 15amp fue that looked blown and replaced. I am at a loss right now so came here to see if anyone could help figure it out.Thanks in advance.

TXiceman 04-12-2020 07:58 PM

If it is electric heater element, there is a safety shut off switch in the outside warer heater compartment. If you are operating on gas, first light the stove burners for a minute to get the lines cleared of air. After these are burning, you may have to take the heater through 3 or 4 start cycles.

Old-Biscuit 04-12-2020 09:28 PM

Appears Thro Citation uses a Suburban Brand water heater.

Suspect that 'light switch' is an add on for the WH electric element......OEM switch is in outside compartment so some mfgs add another one Inside. Switches are wired in series so BOTH have to be on to energize the electric element
*****Must have water in WH Tank before using electric element otherwise you will burn it out.

As for the other switch...suspect it is the On/Off switch for the Propane
12V DC powered....did you test it after replacing that 15A fuse?

In outside compartment above the gas valve is where the set of T-stats are installed.
'Push To Reset' on cover (manual reset for High temp t-stat---if tripped no power to heat source)
Left side is for the 120VAC electric element
Right side is the 12VDC for the propane

120VAC is fed from a CB and the 12VDC is from a fused source
Voltmeter and test the circuits....

AC and DC wiring Junction Boxes are on backside of WH Tank...wires are typically 'wire nutted' and can come loose

120VAC wiring (don't forget that add'l light switch)

12VDC wiring

Dminton 04-13-2020 04:08 AM

Ok, I didn't know it was gas/electric. Found the switch on the heater itself and turned it on and turned on the "light switch" and we now have hot water at least from electric side. Now just need to get the gas side working as well.

Old-Biscuit 04-14-2020 10:00 AM

Propane ciruit is a simple 12VDC

Using voltmeter check/follow 12VDC from fused source to switxh to junction box to t-stats to circuit board to gas vlave
***water cold so t-stats are closed and heat cycle is needed

FInd where you do not have DC and fix it

SnoRacer445 06-13-2020 10:50 PM

The household/110v switch in the kitchen may be for the microwave. It is like that in my Citation.

I want to know what the 12v switch by my pillow is for? Doesn't seem to change anything

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