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4tfamily 05-29-2020 08:49 PM

Why so many Monaco Caymens and HR Neptunes
We're in the market for coach #3.

First was a Tiffin gasser, second was a Fleetwood Expedition DP. We sold the Fleetwood in 2017 and now have the travel bug again! :smitten:

We're looking for a little shorter DP, preferably 36' or shorter. I'm seeing an awful lot of Monaco Caymans and HR Neptunes. Why is this? Are they any good? We're partial to Fleetwood and Tiffin, but are open to other decent makes that are reasonably priced. We'd like to stay under $65K Any suggestions?

Also, how old is too old, in general? We're thinking we'll go as old as 2004. Thoughts? We're expecting to redo the interior, so that's not a huge issue, but the less we have to do, the better.


Gary RVRoamer 05-30-2020 05:41 PM

Just popularity with buyers. The lower-priced Monacos were very popular - a nicely fitted out rig with the desirable Monaco brand name, offered at an attractive price. The Cayman/Neptune was the coach for the buyer who wanted a Diplomat/Endeavor but had a more meager budget.

Depending on the model year, a Cayman may be built on the Roadmaster R4R chassis or the more robust RR8R The heftier chassis is a plus. Some years of Caymans have a recall for faulty trailiig arm suspension on the R4R chassis.

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