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Kahoona 06-26-2020 04:26 PM

No brake lights
We has a short in the toad wires and now we have no brake lights. All others work including 4 way and turn signals. We checked the fuses in the front left basement door and all were good. We checked the fuses in the passenger rear storage and didn't find anything that said brakes but we checked them all and did find one blown fuse. We replaced it but still no brake lights. We did check the bulbs but they were fine.

Where else could fuses be? What else could be checked?

l1v3fr33ord1 06-26-2020 04:32 PM


This post has pictures, and may apply to your coach's problem.

Kahoona 06-26-2020 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by l1v3fr33ord1 (Post 5320905)

This post has pictures, and may apply to your coach's problem.

Thank you for the link. That very similar to ours and I too found blown fuses but I believe those were for the 7 pin tow socket. That helps narrow things down. Now I need to know what triggers the brake lights on a Freightliner DP chassis. Does anyone know?

Kahoona 06-26-2020 09:09 PM

If there is a Mod watching could you please shift this to the Freightliner chassis? It looks more like a Freightliner question than a National one.

Kahoona 07-13-2020 01:01 PM

I got schematics from freightliner. It took me quite a while to figure them out and then only somewhat but they helped. They do not give much indication of where things are. I replaced a relay which I had previously thought was OK. I swapped it with another to check. The other system works fine still but one of the two back up filaments on each side works now. The high center light does not work. We are on the way. I will buy a new relay and try it to see what happens.

I still suspect the diodes but have had no luck finding them. The wire bundles look like tree branches and are extremely tight together. The steering column is exposed but I can not see any there. The wires involved are labeled with a 36 in their numbers and are red with white stripe. There are other red with white ones though. Today I get the new relay and try it in various locations on the front relay box. Later I will do the same on the rear box.

Does anyone know how to remove the large black fuse/relay box in the front drivers side compartment? I want to get it loose so I can more easily see the wires.

joycev1105a 07-13-2020 05:06 PM

Not sure this belongs here, but here goes. All rear lights not working, Ok, trouble in Paradisr. Stuck in San Quintin, Baja Mexico.
Trailer was hooked up then unplugged before starting trip to Mexico. Checked the following, BULBs checked , checked fuses in engine compartment, checked continuity of lights. Nothing found. Help am stuck in Mexico until corrected. Beautiful area, but really need to be home.

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