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moisheh 07-04-2020 09:34 AM

Q 2021
I wonder what will happen with Q this winter. If the borders are closed Canadians will be at home. Will exhibitors want to spend the $$ ,prepare for the show,only to find it either cancelled or a dud with few attendees. Many companies have been burned with no refunds from various shows. Will people really want to go into a tent with everyone crowded like sardines. I am sure the desert dwellers will still be there off roading but the town will be different.

dons2346 07-04-2020 09:29 PM

I go to Q for the Hamfest at mile post 99. For '21, I don't know if that will happen but for sure, I'm not going to the tent

UTTransplant 07-14-2020 05:48 PM

We will go to visit with friends in the boondocking areas using appropriate social distancing. You could not pay me enough to go into the Big Tent!

Vette Racer 08-15-2020 06:35 PM

I have seen on facebook that the Hamfest at Road Runner has been cancelled for 2021, It is now called Ham-pause, there will be some folks there but no formal activities except for a morning net on 146.550. Has anyone heard about the big tent or any other info for Q in 2021?

moisheh 08-16-2020 07:00 PM

The big tent will be open. The people who run that show are very greedy. They do not even acknowledge that problems might exist. I read they will have one way aisles and require masks. In that crowd one would need a hazmat suit. Can you picture Big Al's . The state should prevent the show from opening.

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