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ttwirz 07-26-2020 05:06 PM

Brake Buddy Fault.

I am trying to get my brake buddy select 3 set up. I get it it plugged in and I press the auto start button. The actuator extends once and then nothing. it seams like the system is frozen, none of the buttons work. I can unplug and re-plug it in and I can duplicate the same issue. If i do the auto start with the jeep engine running it depresses the brake peddle 5 times and sets its self. I have tested it and it actuates when its suppose to but after about 5-10 driving I get a fault error and have to reset everything. Any ideas?


ttwirz 07-27-2020 11:06 AM

Quick update. I called Brake Buddy and they are sending me a new unit with return labels. Fantastic customer service. Hopefully the new unit will address my problems.

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