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Mr.Goodbar 10-09-2020 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by SeeTheUSA2 (Post 5474020)
Using the converter to get another routing system (in our case a Garmin RV890) to do its thing will give us possible alternative routes, maybe catch route issues RVTW might have missed, and provide redundant on-line/offline routing. It is often a good idea to look at more than one routing solution.

I have been mistaken :o on what is exported in the different formats:
1) Export to .GPX keeps all the tracking data. I used to imprt that into Google Maps to use it on my iPhone while on the road.
2) Export to .CSV only exports the stops with their GPS coordinates and address info.
3) Export to Excel is what you are doing.

I have to use option 2 for my Rand McNally GPS. I put the .CSV file into a specific folder on the SD card; insert the SD card back into the in-dash GPS and import the trip. So, I am doing what you are describing. The routing is being done by my RM GPS which knows all my RV parameters. Even though the maping data is updated thru RM Dock on the computer, I have still found errors. Mostly in speed limits raised or lowered, etc.

Maybe, if all you are wanting, is the stops & GPS coordinates, you could just export to .CSV?

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