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Bdog55 08-04-2020 08:04 PM

Good Sam club
Can anyone tell me if its worth Signing up for the Good Sam club for discounts. I mean is it worth the $29.00 per year. Were new to Rving and looking for information to save money. Are there other organizations like Good Sam that provide help and discounts?

nvs4602 08-04-2020 08:25 PM

I am looking at them too, they also have a trip planner app. Or I my just buy the RV trip planning wizard app. Still trying to decide.

Spdracr39 08-04-2020 09:02 PM

If you buy one big ticket item or get the campground discount for a few nights over the course of a year it will pay for itself. Otherwise I would pass.

Bdog55 08-05-2020 12:47 PM

Good Sam Club
Thanks to all for replying to my questions. I appreciate the feed back!

Arch Hoagland 08-05-2020 01:06 PM

I use Good Sam every year, pays for itself pretty quick.

kcdogger 08-05-2020 01:10 PM

Good Sam and active military were the only 10% discount we offered. The only other discount we offered was 5% for Seniors. I know many parks offer 10% for just about anything, but we held to our discount policy completely. We required presentation of a Good Sam card at check in, and if someone claimed to be a member and didn't have a card, we had the ability to look it up online, and did. Doesn't take too long for the card to cover that $29.00 cost when rates are over $70 a night. (and you save the lodging tax on top of the discount, so a 10% discount on a $70.00 a night rate actually saves $7.70, making it a net 11% discount). As for any other benefits, if you use them, it's an added bonus, but unless you shop Camping World a lot, they really isn't much value added.

taylorbob1 08-05-2020 02:59 PM

I purchased the 3 year membership deal
Although I do not purchase much at Camping World, you get fuel discounts and instant discounts on gas, diesel, propane, dump station fees and more at select Pilot or Flying J locations with your Good Sam Club card.

So that's probably worth it for me

Edd505 08-05-2020 07:52 PM

Might look into Coach Net for camping discounts and trip planning. Research GS and find all the bad on roadside service, that's defiantly a no. Just the card might work setting up a new RV with items from Camping World & the camp ground discounts. Personally you will get better prices off Amazon if you can wait a few day. I avoid Camping World like Covid 19 ............................

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