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tdcolby 08-12-2020 05:20 PM

I'm not on facebook, but I'm trying to make friends on the street facebook style.

Everyday, I go on the street and tell random people what I ate, how I feel, what I did yesterday, what I'm doing now, what I'll do tomorrow...

I give them photos of my wife, of my kids, of my dog, of myself washing the car, of my wife sewing...

I also listen to them and answer "like"

And it works! There are now 4 people following me! 2 policeman, a social worker and a psychiatrist.

theboondork. 08-12-2020 07:11 PM

Now that's funny... And the reason it's funny is it's so true.

MSHappyCampers 08-13-2020 08:44 AM

Best one today! :dance:

BC Pest 08-13-2020 10:59 AM

Streetbook shows the “stupidity?” of Facebook

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