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TallTiny 08-26-2020 07:44 AM

Installing hammock in 1982 GMC Vandura
Iíve purchased a 1982 vintage GMC Vandura and Iíve taken it down to the studs due to past water damage. It has an aluminum roof. What would you suggest I do to be able to hand a hammock inside ? How should I frame this ?

Is this even possible ?

Tidy Tabby 08-26-2020 10:37 AM

I wouldn't try to hang anything from the ceiling/roof if that's what you are asking, nor would I hang anything from exterior walls in the event the weight of a person or persons in the hammock causes the wall to fail. What is the interior wall construction, thin gauge steel studs or wood? You can make what are called king studs by combining 2 or 3 wood studs back to back and put them in walls at either end of where you want to hang the hammock. Add some simpson angle brackets at the bottom into the floor deck to secure the kings, and at the top you will have to figure out how to adequately secure them to prevent the walls from pulling in. Then hang luan or drywall over the studs and finish the walls like normal and you have more structure to hang the weight.
I am a contractor not a designer, so I tend to overbuild things when I am uncertain. If you are a good woodworker, you might be better served to build a free-standing hammock frame that looks nice and just avoid hanging anything from the walls at all.

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