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richard5933 10-27-2020 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by Krbjmpr (Post 5497402)
Do you have the ability to measure current in and current out? I use several 12 > 6 and then 6 > 12 converters to feed my electronics (router, BR burner, drives, anything with 12v wallwart). This allows me to switch to 6vdc LIFE for extended outrages. I also use 12 > 24 for my winega rd WC3000 booster. I am seeing about an 80%, rated draw, to 90%, light load. I don't have anything that could pad a converter with a 55/60w continuous draw.

Not sure I fully understand the question.

The headlights are a known wattage, and I sized the converts to be nearly twice the needed size to allow them to run cool. Doesn't really consume any extra power having the extra capacity as the headlights only draw what they draw.

The OEM wiring was actually done well, with a totally separate circuit for each of the four lamps. One circuit can go totally out without affecting the others.

Regarding DC appliances in the coach - if there are any capable of running on 12vdc, then I've already got them wired to do so directly. I have eliminated all of the wall warts possible, as they do nothing to add to efficiency.

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