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JT335 09-15-2020 07:17 PM

Lithium Battery Install Help
Hi everyone, Iím a newb to the irv2 forums, but I need some help. We sold our house and are updating a motorhome to travel the US.
We have a 2001 Damon Challenger. I bought a solar system with 2x BB 100Ah Lithium batteries, a Victron inverter, charge controller, etc, but getting into the existing wiring in the coach, Iíve learned some things that have me head scratching. So Iím here for help...

1) what are the issues and work-around with a straight drop-in replacement of the Li batteries (connected in parallel) with the existing coach batteries?

2) Do I need to disconnect the Lithium batteries and take the Battery Control Center solenoid in the engine box out of the loop?

3) How should I handle the battery disconnect switch with Li batteries? Continuation of above question.

4) the generator - starts off the house batteries, should this be re-wired to start off the chassis Battery?

If anyone has any set-ups that work and advice for me, Iíd much appreciate it!

Thank you,


HarryStone 09-15-2020 11:55 PM

I had to disconnect the ground wire for the solenoid, otherwise, the BCC saw the voltage from the lithium batteries and constantly turned on. I didn't do anything with the gen start. You will need to put larger battery cables in the rig, as the 6 gauge wires are insufficient for the current of the new batteries, especially with an inverter. You will also have to isolate the alternator from the house batteries, otherwise, the lithium batteries will draw too much current from the alternator and burn it up. I'm currently using a Magnum smart battery combiner, but you can also use this
The Magnum takes some setting up to get it right.

JT335 09-16-2020 08:49 AM

Thanks Harry. Good advice in there.
The pack I got also included a Sterling DC-DC Charger, so I believe that should take care of the alternator charging issue.
So your generator starts fine off the lithium batteries?

HarryStone 09-16-2020 09:05 AM

I'm not sure on my rig if the house batteries start the generator, but yes, no problems there. But I do have 3 200A batteries. And the DC to DC is the way to go. You will absolutely have to disable the solenoid. I did that by removing the right side small wire. (ground).

JT335 09-16-2020 10:06 AM

Got it. Thanks again!

Vortriede 09-28-2020 07:56 PM

I replaced my flooded house batteries with LiFePO4 on a 2007 National RV Seabreeze. The story is here: You may find some of it helpful. Please feel free to pick my brain on this subject.

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