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Dandick 09-18-2020 12:47 PM

Heating and Cooling Zones
Coach is a 2012 Diplomat 43DFT with 3 ACís and Aquahot, 4 Zones on the thermostat.

The thermostat started acting up giving weird readings, like a set temp of 160. I think the zones got reprogrammed somehow and are all messed up.

I ďthinkĒ the cool settings and ACís are programmed properly. I am showing 3 AC zones on the thermostat and the zones correspond to the appropriate AC units. Zone 4 does not show an option for cooling.

As far as the Aquahot... Zone 1 controls the living room and kitchen area (3 registers). Zone 2 controls both the middle and rear bathrooms (1 register in each bathroom). Zone 3 controls the bedroom (1 register). Zone 4 does nothing as far as I can tell. I bumped the set temp up to 80 and none of the registers come on. I even checked the water center heater.

The owners manual indicates Zone 1 is the living room, Zone 2 is the kitchen, Zone 3 is the bedroom and Zone 4 is the bathroom/water center.

Iím wondering if the Aquahot zones are wired incorrectly? The sensor for zone 2 is in the kitchen area right on the main control panel, so it makes sense that the kitchen registers should be wired to zone 2.

I donít know what to make of zone 4. There is a sensor in the back bathroom for zone 4. If I heat it up the RV Comfort thermostat shows the increase in temperature for zone 4. I donít know how to activate the water center heater. I do see a box with an adjustment know and I tried turning it, but got no response.

Iím hoping someone with the same heating and cooling setup can tell me what heating zones control which registers.


Elwood58 09-18-2020 01:27 PM

in some coaches there is a manual thermostat on the ceiling of the wet bay, to the right of the heat register.

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