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Scuba00 09-26-2020 08:13 PM

Electrical Issue ?
I have been having an issue with my coach just shutting down when either on shore or generator power. Coach is a Discovery 38N (2019). House batteries are new and chassis batteries are good. Coach runs and drives well, and as long as it has the engine running the generator will run the house. If I turn off the engine the generator shuts down a few min later. I had a RV mech come out and take a look. Im plugged into 30A right and now and as is typical with most broken things, as soon as the mech arrived everything was functioning normal. We went through the whole system, checked all fuses and connections - everything checked out. The one thing he noticed that when he arrived the inverter was not actually running, light in back flashing but the fan inside was not. Said he wiggled the big red knob and then it started. Im not really sure the inverter is supposed to run all the time. Everything working as it should, we even unplugged and ran on generator for awhile and still all good. He left and everything normal the entire day, until sunset. Sun went down and everything shut down. Sun came up this morning and all is well. Items that still work when the coach shuts down are the fridge and microwave, 110 outlets. The firefly and all the systems it controls are offline. When the sun comes back up the coach fires up and back to normal. So my brain says solar panel has something to do with this mystery. Looking for a wiring diagram for a 2019 Discovery 38N, and any thoughts, I appreciate it, sorry for the long post.


HarryStone 09-26-2020 08:49 PM

"If I turn off the engine the generator shuts down a few min later." What voltage is on the battery when the generator shuts down? with that said, I'm thinking a fuel issue, that when the main engine is running, tank pressure is ok, but when you shut the engine off, the fuel tank maybe not allowing fuel to flow. Just a thought.

twinboat 09-26-2020 09:02 PM

The big red knob is most likely a battery cable disconnect switch.

If it was off, you will get no power from the batteries.

With the engine running, you were running off the chassis batteries. When you shut the engine down, the house ran off the chassis batteries until the voltage dropped to 12.6, when it disconnected from the house, so it wouldn't run down.

WILDEBILL308 09-26-2020 09:26 PM

Long distance diagnosis is tough. Especially with no or limited information.
I am going to make a SWAG and say you have a 12volt problem. You apparently have a small solar panel on the roof that is providing some 12 Volt power during the day. This is enough to power the control circuits you need to run the generator. I have no idea what "The firefly and all the systems it controls" is. But I bet it needs 12 volt power to operate any circuit boards.
"The fridge and microwave, 110 outlets." these are powered through the inverter.
Using a meter start at the cables coming from the house batteries to the battery control center. I also am suspect of you Converter auto transfer switch. You are getting power from the solar but not switching to battery when the sun goes down. It should be providing all the 12 volt power when on shore power or on generator. I think the solar is doing that when it is producing power.
Do some testing and let me know what you find.

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