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SideRoads 01-26-2009 09:34 AM

Current itemized costs associated with setting up the Jeep Liberty with a Blue Ox towing system:

BX1976 Base Plate: 431.00
Coiled Elect. Cord 70.19
Vehicle Bypass Bulb
Socket Kit 56.09
7 way to 6 way
Adapter 11.29

TOTAL 568.57

Blue Ox Aventa 477.49
LX Tow Bar
Blue Ox Tow Bar 44.00
PPL Shipping 22.83

Total 544.32

Kerrville RV 237.50
Base Plate Install
Bypass Wiring 95.00

Total 332.50

Grand Total 1445.39

Obviously, I still have to add a braking system (Undecided), and a rock shield (Undecided.

I will edit final costs when braking and shield is added.

The reason I went with Blue Ox, is the same reason I went with Tiffin. After Sale Reputation for Customer Service,,,,Period; and I believe a quality product at a competitive cost.

The reason I am posting the setup costs on the forum, is folks are always interested in costs associated with RV'n,


I have gleaned a lot of beneficial information from this site over the years, and hope this will be somewhat helpful to others using the forum.

One final thought, the costs associated with Labor for installation, to me, was $$$ well spent; especially considering the amount of time to personally install and I am sure unexpressed headaches associated with a self-install. As CE said, a man has to know his limitation.

Safe Roads!

paz 01-26-2009 02:43 PM

Don't forget safety cables.

SideRoads 01-26-2009 06:41 PM

Thanks Paz,

They are included.

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