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sfarkasmd 04-08-2022 07:31 AM

Renegade vs Newmar Super Star

Originally Posted by Dan_W (Post 5478734)
Thanks much for the advice, i have a CDL CLASS B airbrake endorsement, just had it for years but donít drive to much being in sales instead. I have had my mind many up 3 times this year ďhahaĒ. Renegade has been my go to brand just waiting for the market to settle down. I have been looking over the Newmar Super Star, that came out in the past two years. Little scared about hearing that they have had problems with windows, not sure if it is on the Class C. Anyone have an opinion on Newmar Super Star??

We have just taken delivery of a 2022 Newmar Super Star 3727 with 3 slides. I know that there were issues with the windows on the Dutch Star, however I have not heard that about the Super Star. Over all, we love ours. Great ride and actually very quiet....and we just came out of a Dutch Star. Build quality and comfort is up scale Newmar. However, we just found out the kids/grandkids are moving out here to the east coast and we will need a bigger coach. for that reason only, we will be selling ours and going back to the pusher.

rolick22 04-15-2022 09:27 PM


Originally Posted by Dan_W (Post 5478597)
Looking at a Renegade Verona or Classic. Looking for a 40 footer or less. I know the major differences between the two frames and engines. Cascadia bigger engine and able to tow more. I donít need the towing capacity my question is on the ride. Which one would ride and handle better while towing a Jeep.
Thanks much Dan

As most know the S2RV is nearly the same as the Verona M2 chassis. I have a OCCC of over 7,500 lbs. I tow a Ford F-250 and donít know it back there unless I look at my rear camera. I just drove about 75 with really strong cross winds 20-30 mph with gust to 40. It was a two hands on the wheel drive but I always felt in control. Yes a little drifting here and there but manageable. I Kept it under 60 for most of the ride.

HoosierRVer 06-21-2022 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by xcflyn (Post 5481153)
I live in CO. I went with a 36í Verona with a L9. Tow a rubicon and really donít struggle very bad on the long pulls. The 36í was a little lighter than the LE and I feel dollar for dollar it was a wise buy. I just pulled 1300 miles to the midwest and got between 7.8 - 8.3MPG. Not bad really. If I was retired or had deeper pockets I may have went classic. A Classic is in my future but we are surprisingly very satisfied with the M2 Verona. My wife doesnít even want to do an upgrade to a classic but I will consider it when the time is right.My reasoning is more about the ability to custom build a coach , itís a bucket list thing like a Beech Bonanza :) when I sell my Bonanza I will order a classic. I would really like to see the cabs go through another year or two of updates. A 10 year old pickup seems to have more features then a new Cascadia or M2. I would kick around a Peterbuilt or other when I decide to Push closer to the half million dollar envelope. I think a person could feel good about the value with either chassis. These are trucks and drive like trucks. Anybody that says it drives like a car or even a 1/2 ton truck has much better driving skills than I do and maybe a little better imagination.
Renegade sure builds a nice coach. I will never have a 5th wheel again !!!

I would have to agree. We just bought a 2022 Verona 36VSB on the M2-106 chassis. Frankly it rides like a truck. But my big gripe is that the cab looks like it was designed in 1980. Hardly any storage...none in the doors. Cruise control that is on the dash which causes you to take your eyes off the road to engage. Windshield wipers that operate like something off a 1970s era truck. Cup holders that fit a Big Gulp from Pilot perfectly, but won't fit your Yeti cup.

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