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jetar 04-20-2009 11:52 AM

Radiator Failure information
I just had the radiator rebuilt on my 2001 and thought I would share the issue with others. I have 92,000 miles on my rig and have driven in winter snow and ice and probably salted roads. I have regularily washed down the rig and the radiator from the outside particularily after being in bad weather. Last year in lubing the coach I found that the fins of the radiator that I could see from the inside were copper in color, the radiator on these older models are pre aluminum. In checking this out with my fingers the fins collapsed.

I know of at least one other coach of my age with the same issue. I had no coolant leakage or engine cooling problems, but wanted to address the issue at home with a known garage rather than to break down on the road. I just had the radiator rebuilt, about $3000, including labor. The lower part of the radiator was deteriorated and the tubing was deteriorated as well, although the tanks were fine. It is not easy to wash down the inside of the radiator since most of it is covered by the fan shroud. The easy way for me to avoid this problem again in some years is not to drive on salted roads in the winter, but this is not the best cure.

Hope this information may be of value to others.

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