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Olive 10-18-2020 02:55 PM

2015 won't start
I am helping friends get their 2015 Winnie Sunova on Ford chassis ready to sell due to health problems. The engine battery is a year old. They used to start and run it about one a month while in storage but haven't been able to in a few months. The start battery was dead, recharged it but the engine will not even turn over. After turning the key to start there are no dash lights, nor will the engine even try to start. After trying that once or twice the battery reads dead again (only held key in start position a few seconds).

We tried jump start with a shop type charger/starter which failed, and have recharged the battery twice only to have it read 8v or less after trying to start engine.

Any help/ideas appreciated.

krivanj 10-18-2020 02:59 PM

How are the house batteries?
If goodm you might try holding down the boost switch just to see if it will help at all. I think you need a new battery. It might have a massive short that absorbs all the voltage. try taking it out and having it checked. First thing I would do.

Olive 10-18-2020 03:23 PM

Thank you krivanj. The house batteries were low and not enough to start the engine. Taking the battery to have it checked tomorrow.

TeJay 10-18-2020 09:34 PM

I just went through a similar situation with a no crank condition. The RV started easily with the boot switch using the coaches battery's. The cranking engine battery was only 3 years old so I thought it was good. It did charge up to 12.8 Volts but would not sustain cranking enough to actually start the engine.

Then I got a low voltage CEL notification. Eventually I figured out the cranking battery would not take a charge even when I'd drive the RV for 150 miles and then add a charger to it while parked.

Our RV is usually plugged in when at home or between monthly trips that we take in the fall months. The cranking battery is charged when plugged in. I had to add the Trick-L-Start to fix that issue.

I should have figured it out much sooner but I kept thinking the cranking battery was only a few years old and shouldn't fail this soon. I screwed up and should have recognized a fairly new battery that just would not hold a charge. It can and does happen.

I returned it to the Ford garage where I got it and they gave me a new one.

Sweetbriar 10-19-2020 03:15 AM

Reads like the engine (chassis) battery is shorted and two cells are dead. Recently had really strange observations with mine but it was 9 years in service. No load, out of the coach for an hour, sitting on the ground volts were high at 13VDC which made little sense as the surface change should have dissipated. When tested using a very basic 100 amp load the voltage dropped to less than 3VDC and the load wasn't heating up as expected. As soon as I disconnected the load volts jumped back up to 13. At nine years in service who knows what was going on inside the case.

Since the intent is to sell the coach I would spend the money and replace the chassis and maybe the house batteries. Nothing worse when trying to sell than either a flat tire or a dead battery. A buying might overlook some minor problem but if they can't go for a test drive at any given moment that might be a walk away check mark or grounds for as very low price offer.

Russ Silber 10-19-2020 08:19 AM

Did you start the generator? If so what did the charging panel read. House batteries last me about 3 yrs. I replace engine battery at first sign of problem. Have you checked water levels in batteries could be problem with premature failure. Good luck. Also you might check ft a cut off switch on house batteries.

YC1 10-19-2020 08:23 AM

The heart of any RV is the batteries. Replace the engine battery. Waste of time testing one that has been hammered that much and with your symptoms.

I suspect the dash lights will come right on. The house batteries may be hammered too and if he is going to sell the rv it would be a good thing to replace those as well. When showing the rv he may not be surprised.

Once the engine fires up. be sure to look at any voltage readings available to make sure the alternator is working.

mr.tommy 10-19-2020 09:30 AM

Replace the chassis battery. It's done.

If you let your house batt's get low too, they also will usually be done.

Common practice is to never let any batteries get below 50% charge or damage will occur.

SuperGewl 10-23-2020 03:04 AM

Deep Cycle House batteries can sometimes be saved, IF you really know what is wrong with them. In a lot of cases, they are dead because someone forgot to check the water level in them, thus the cells are dry. Just add distilled water and charge them up. some agitation also helps allot. If you aren't storing inside or under a cover then a Solar panel charging system works wonders. They connect directly to the battery so opening the disconnect switch does not effect them and allows it to keep the batteries charged.:dance:

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