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mdpuff 10-19-2020 01:22 PM

Question in regards to Aquahot parts.
Hello all you fellow RVer's, we have a new to us 2009 Monaco Camelot and it has the Aquahot 450 in it. Being a mechanic I do all my own maintenance, I don't trust anyone but "Me" to work on my vehicles, so I've already downloaded the Aquahot service repair manual and gave it a quick look over. The unit is working perfectly right now and doesn't have many hours on it since it was last serviced. But, I want to be prepared, I would like to know where the best place is to order parts for it as I would like to have a couple spare nozzles, fuel filters and maybe even a spare control board if they are not too expensive. I would also like to be able to find Stainless Steel nozzle's instead of brass, being that brass is soft and I am assuming that is why you need to change them once a year because of wear. Stainless steel to me would be a much better choice of materials to make them out of as they would last longer, take it out once a year and clean and inspect it then put it back in. Anyone have any thoughts or input on this?
Thanks in advance.

Spdracr39 10-19-2020 01:39 PM

Marine based stores seem to have better prices than RV based ones. Just be diligent with your google searches.

153stars 10-19-2020 04:15 PM

If you Google the tune up kit they're available lots of places my filter it a small Racor 10mic IDK if the whole assembly is stock or not. Next parts I have heard of failing is fuel solenoid ,flame sensor or relays. The rest of the parts start to get expensive fast as spares. I have heard of folk replacing bearings on motor but the blower fuel pump rebuild best sent to expert
John Carrillo at or Rodger Burke at
Rodger rebuilt mine for PO it's as close to no diesel smell burn as you could probably ever get.
The brass nozzle may be a blessing as brass doesn't seize/gall and unthreads easily.

n2zon 10-19-2020 05:14 PM

I bought the tools (CO tester, smoke tester, stack thermometer, draft gauge) to do my own furnace maintenance quite some time ago. The AH nozzle is a standard form factor oil burner nozzle, just like the one in my furnace (except that they use different flow rates and spray patterns). I cannot assert they don't exist, but I have never seen an SS nozzle, only brass ones. I ordered a service kit with nozzle and filter. With them in hand, I can look for local HVAC sources.

Given the hours on my furnace nozzle per year, and that the flame shape looks good and efficiency remains within spec after *two* years unless we have a particularly cold winter, I cannot imagine that my AH nozzle or filter will need replacement for at least a few years. Unless, of course, we decide to go North in the winter and South in the summer...

BonS 10-19-2020 05:53 PM

The Aqua Hot 450D is an unusual model. It's no longer manufactured and I haven't found anyone that will rebuild it if the boiler fails. The 450 has a Beckett burner, versus the more usual Webasto. I have worked with Roger Burke for my repair parts. I suffered with poor burner performance and struggled to determine the root cause of the problems. I measured the oil pump pressure, fuel/air adjustments, and replaced a lot of brass nozzles to keep it running while it limped along. The igniter worked reliably until the points would get gunked up with soot. I looked for a "Qualified" technician that had the proper tools but failed. I finally had an opportunity to buy a new-in-box Webasto burner and jumped on it. Problems gone. It burns clean, makes minimal smell or soot, and is reliable.

By the way - it has a stainless steel nozzle. I intend to source an exact replacement, if I can find one, to ensure factory operation. I haven't tried swapping the stainless nozzle with the brass equivalent so I can't say if either will work. The only difference between the burner I removed and the new one seems to be the nozzle. If my problems were the nozzle then it could be flow rate or spray pattern. By the way, the brass Danfoss nozzle has a stainless insert for the nozzle orifice.

My other issue with this model has been the failure of a zone circulating pump. The original pumps are obsolete but replacement kits are available. I replaced both zone pumps while I had things apart and it wasn't below freezing - which is when I normally find out the Aqua Hot isn't working as it should. Roger Burke has the pump kits as well as most everything available for the 450D Aqua Hot.

By the way, there is the main control board and a separate igniter module. Other spares can be the flame detector, gaskets around the flame detector and the fiber gaskets that seal the burner components to the heat exchanger.

BonS 10-19-2020 06:53 PM

I'm digging around to find nozzle data for the 450D. the original nozzle was a Hago "0.40X60B". It had a "B" cone spray, 0.40 gallons/hour rate and a 60 degree spray angle. Beckett says that Hago moved all of its production to Danfoss in Europe in 2018 and discontinued several nozzles. It is not clear to me if the "usual" recommended Danfoss nozzle is a good match as a replacement for the Hago and if other changes must be made for the swap to be successful. I will pull my nozzle out to confirm its part number and contact Beckett to see what they recommend. I will post it here when I find out.

Chargerman 10-19-2020 07:30 PM

As others have mentioned, Roger Berke is the absolute best he worked with me to find my issue last year. Great guy and very good pricing. I highly recommend him. If you go to you find all of his links.

Ivylog 10-19-2020 07:55 PM

Sounds like the 450 has it share of problems... that has not been my experience, but I do not have a 450.Since you are in Canada the following may not apply to you.

The “annual” service is a fuel system service and a cleaning of the combustion chamber... new fuel filter and a new fuel atomizing nozzle regardless of the # of hours the diesel boiler has run. That doesn’t make sense to me.

I service mine when after a minute the exhaust still has a diesel smell to it. That worked out to 2 times in 14 years BUT we are half timers and half of that is in SE Fla where the electric element provides all the hot water we need...little or no boiler use. If a morning is cold, I’ll use the heat pumps to take the chill off.

When traveling during the other 3 months the engine provides enough hot water for 2 showers and when dry camping I only fire the boiler up for half an hour to take our showers. The result is less than 40 hours/year of use requiring service... times 7 years is only 280 hours. Some people may put that many hours on it in a year.

Before the advent of ULSD fuel, exercising the AHot every month for a couple minutes was probably a good idea but as clean as ULSD is I do not worry about doing it ever month anymore.

Our 08 Navigator has the 600D Ahot (2 electric elements) and when dry camping I run the generator at supper time for an hour to cook and recharge the batteries and heat hot water. SO, even when dry camping during the summer I doubt I’ll run the diesel boiler 20 hours... may have to service it every 14 years. The sniff test is all I use to determine when to replace the nozzle.

beaverfever 10-19-2020 07:58 PM

roger berke is the man ! great inventory and quick shipper plus he gives the best advise.

mdpuff 10-20-2020 01:34 AM

That's all good information right there, thank you very much. Like they say, "You Learn Something New Every Day"
From what I read in the owner's manual you are supposed to replace the nozzle and filter along with a good cleaning annually.
Mine seems to be working fine but I do get the occasional whiff of diesel smell.

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