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1Motorhome 10-26-2020 10:25 AM

Anyone using a Magellan RV GPS? How do you like it? Problems?
I just purchased a Magellan RV9365T-LMB RV 7" GPS at a cheap price and the seller says he used it for several years with no problems but didn't need it anymore because he sold his Motorhome. I was looking for a Garmin RV GPS but for the price I had to at least give it a try.

R.Wold 10-26-2020 11:32 AM

My only problems with Magellan units has been battery life and the ability to run off a charger when the battery is kaput. One was unused, one was new-old-stock, but should have been ok. Neither one was - both had battery issues, and while I liked the system and easily got comfortable using to to navigate and find POIs, I’ll go Garmin next time.

For now I use the Clarion system that came with the coach (which is mediocre and I’m glad I didn’t pay extra for it), and my Ipad. But a decent GPS is in my near future - probably a Garmin 890 as I tend to find bigger screens more user friendly these days.

JohnBoyToo 10-26-2020 11:57 AM

My bro-in-law is one of those that knows best...

and, even though I told him Garmin, he thought the Magellan was better !

Two trips later and I noticed he had returned the Magellan and got the Garmin RV760...
He hated to admit it, but the Garmin was much more intuitive to use...

Charles L 10-26-2020 12:55 PM

The garmin 760 is an older version that I use. It does a good job. Perhaps the newer models are better and come with a better price. I upgrade when my old 760 breaks.

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