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Ray,IN 11-02-2020 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by lonfu (Post 5505198)
Don't use it, it will foul you fuel injectors or carburator.

Yours is the first negative comment about Stabil I've ever read or heard. Please share your experience with the membership.
I'll PM you JIC you do not return to read further comments.

Dave Pelletier 11-02-2020 04:12 PM

no a motorcycle tank isn't sealed.

I use Stabil and will continue to but the big take-away is that ethanol is bad for long term storage.

Even with stabil and draining my float bowls, I had to dissassemble and clean both my motorcycle carbs this spring due to getting stuck with corn contaminated fuel the fall before.


akeagle 11-02-2020 04:19 PM

For what its worth, I've used Sta-bil in my lawn mover and snowblower during their off-season storage, and when taken out of storage about 6 - 7 months later they almost always started on the first pull.

I added it to our Minnie Winnie each time (this will be the 3rd year) we put it in winter storage and it worked as advertised. I run the engine and generator once a month to keep them "exercised" and the batteries changed and had no problems starting either one.

The stuff works, regardless of what any nay-sayers may say.

arcaguy 11-02-2020 04:38 PM

It's funny how people determine whether or not something works. A few years ago I stored a Lincoln Town Car in my garage for 22 months without any sort of fuel treatment or ethanol free gas. I don't recall how long it took to start but I do remember that I didn't have to do any work to get it to start. Given that scenario just straight pump gas is as good or better than any treated fuel for long term storage. I also store my motorcycle for 4-6 months over the winter without any fuel treatment and it has started just fine for the last 12 years so long as the battery was charged. My point is just because you don't have any problems starting your engine of whatever type after treating the fuel you likely wouldn't have had any issues anyway as my experiences above show. Do fuel stabilizers work? I have no idea. Are they necessary? From my experience absolutely not. As always YMMV.

Conesus1 11-02-2020 04:42 PM

One lawn tractor, one lawn mower, 2 cycle snow blower, I will never ever use Stabil and ethanol gasoline for anything but a fuel injected automobile.
Everyone one, once I got the carb bowls off there were small black particles that plugged up the jetting. So clean it out, empty the tank and start with fresh gas.
Never had a problem with any boat I owned, but I never ran ethanol fuel in them and also before storage, I'd top the tank off, but before I did I would add a can of Sea Foam for transmissions which Sea Foam more concentrated and never ever had any issues.
So everything now wont see ethanol fuel EVER nor Stayclogged!

CJ7365 11-02-2020 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by lonfu (Post 5505198)
Don't use it, it will foul you fuel injectors or carburator.


Ray,IN 11-02-2020 06:54 PM

Busting ethanol myths by West Marine.

Mudfrog 11-02-2020 11:47 PM

[Mod Edit]

I simply stated my personal opinion, based on the results I myself have had during the many years of utilizing gasoline engines. You can buy and use the stuff all you want but I'm gonna keep on trucking with what has worked for me all these years. :thumb:

lonfu 11-03-2020 04:55 AM


Originally Posted by Unicorn Driver (Post 5505199)
Please explain.

you bet. I have 11 different vehicles plus a dozen or so gas powered tools. chain saws, leaf blowers and such. I live in the mohave desert where we have extremely low humidity and high temps. (120 degrees) I installed stabil in my chev 454 moho FI, Cadillac eldorado, boat with quadrajet carb,2 ATV's 300cc and yamaha scooter 1198cc per instructions on the bottle. I planned on storing them for the winter, about 6 months. A friend of mine, a certified BMW mechanic, recommended that I use the product. When I went to restart them I found that the fuel with the stabil in it had dried out and become gummy fouling the idle jets in the carbs and reducing the flow in the fuel injectors and plugging a few. No cleaner would clean them out. The other vehicles that I have that I didn't install the stabil in started and ran as usual. I spent $2500 for parts to replace all the fuel injectors and had to rebuild/boil out the carburetors. It is normal to find some varnish in a carb when they sit but when I opened up the carbs I found that the sludge in all of them was way over what I would consider normal. Also found this to be true of when I used it in my ATV's. Stored one with and one with out. The carb with Stabil had to be replaced because the idle jets were so plugged up. I now store my tools only after draining the fuel tanks and carb bowels. Many of these tools are now 15 plus years old and start perfectly when I add fuel to them. I was able to clean out the carbs on my yamaha vmax with out having to remove them, the boat carb had to be removed and sent back in, luckily the company that rebuilt it for me was willing to "warranty" the rebuild. I installed 16 brand new fuel injectors..... not cheap... I had to remove the contaminated fuel or thin it so that it would not gum up the idle systems and fuel injectors again. These are my personal experiences with Stabil, that is why I don't recommend the use of it to anyone. My friend the BMW mechanic, no longer uses Stabil either. I no longer buy carb engines here in the desert unless I can drain the float bowls completely. Hard to believe that a $12 bottle of Stabil cost me thousands of dollars.... but it is the truth...

tanman32225 11-03-2020 05:10 AM

check out a product I have been using for a few years called Pri G and Pri D. G is gas and D is Diesel. All the reviews show Pri D and Pri G keep fuel longer even years later.

I keep several hundred gallons stored of diesel and have for years. I rotate it out every few years and it works like day one. I add Pri D every 6 months.. yes maybe more often than recommended but it works.

This is something you might want to consider.

glwinger 11-03-2020 05:12 AM


Originally Posted by Goodspike (Post 5505909)
That's part of what I was hitting at with my four scenarios. I'm not sure your motorcycle gas cap though helps as much as you think because I doubt it's sealed. I have a small generator that seemingly has a vented and unvented setting, so that might help. What probably helps your situaition though is having the tank full. That means less surface area as well as a smaller area of air to deal with.

Edit: I wonder how the gas fumes in a tank affect moisture exchange. Are they a buffer or a magnet?

The cap on my bike is the same as one on a car. Turn til it clicks. It's made to only pull air while fuel is being used to prevent a vacuum. The bike is fuel injected and has a lot of the same pollution control as a car.

lonfu 11-03-2020 05:20 AM


Originally Posted by CJ7365 (Post 5506021)

Built my first shortwave when I was 8. Rebuilt my first engine when I was 10.... 57 years later, have built most everything except a Cat Diesel. But that is why I bought one :angel: Engines, transmissions, brakes, chassis, alignment, computer diagnosis, carb rebuild and tuning, electrical problems of all kinds, batteries. I weld, plumb, wire, build houses, computer repair and auto AC and residential HVAC. Anything that is has moving parts. Did I mention flooring, chemistry and civil engineering? Point is, I've been around the block a few times.... but, I can't sing a note or play an instrument and other than throw a stitch, am no doctor at all... I've learned to judge machines and people by their actions... Not their specs and words.... The above statement is from my actions and the results that occurred, not from the net or media sales. I don't have any experience with other brands so can't comment on them.

Conesus1 11-03-2020 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by Goodspike (Post 5506565)
[Mod Edit]

Fact is it didn't work for him and it hasnt for many others and then you have the lucky ones where they think of worked[Mod Edit]

Dave Pelletier 11-03-2020 09:01 AM

I won't bore you with the fact I've raced and maintained 41 motocycles, owned dozens of small engines, boats, RV's and about 50 vehicles. All I can tell you IME is this:

- I've used Stabil in a dozen vehicles stored for 6+ months at a time for about 10-15 years without an issue. Some were stored in heated and climate controlled environments, some were in unheated storage and some were outside. Most, but not all were carbureted.

- Ethanol is crap and no good can come from it; it has far more issues with sitting than non corn contaminated fuel does. If you don't let it sit for more than a few weeks and you have a modern fuel injected motor that was designed for E10, you won't have as many problems. The only time I've had storage issues with anything was last year when two of my motocycles had to have the carbs rebuilt because I stored them with E10.....the telltale green ethanol deposits were the proof in the pudding as to the cause.

No additive is a silver bullet but I believe the Stabil does more good than not. YMMV.


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