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BradS 11-09-2020 08:23 PM

Just bought the Hughes PWD50-EPO power WatchDog
I just bought the PWD50-EPO. I choose it since it monitored for low and high voltage with automatic disconnect and had a user replaceable surge module. The Blue Tooth phone interface was just an added benefit. Although I haven't used it with a 50a pedestal yet, I did test it with a 15a garage outlet and a portable generator. Here are some items I noted during my tests

1. The L1 / L2 data on my phone were opposite what my internal EMS reports. The values were very consistent. The WatchDog report precision is to 1/10 of an amp, where my EMS is whole amps.
2. The Blue Tooth reaches anywhere in my RV. Better than I expected.
3. Using the portable generator, WatchDog reported "E7: Missing ground". Made sense to me. I added my Neutral/ground bonding plug to the generator and after about 90 seconds the WatchDog turned on with OK power. Then when I removed the plug the WatchDog reported "E6: L2 and neutral reversed" ... doesn't make sense to me, but it did disconnect the RV.

So far I'm pleased with my purchase.

shootist 11-12-2020 08:12 AM

The bluetooth is the most valuable benefit for me. You'll quickly learn what everything in the coach draws, and which leg it's on. I rebalanced a few loads in my breaker panel , tayloring them to how I use the coach.

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