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Joy216 12-18-2020 10:25 PM

Jeep Trailhawk Questions
Were thinking of getting a Jeep Trailhawk for towing behind our motorhome. Weve found a 2019 that has the required Jeep Active Drive II. I read about the special wiring harness to avoid the death wobble but I think that was just in the 2018s. So Im wondering how any of you who tow the Trailhawk like your Jeeps? Did you have to do anything special to them to get them ready to tow? Ive also read they have a sensor that tells the car if youre getting close to something in the front; how does the car know not to engage this feature if its being towed? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Shadow5501 12-19-2020 07:58 AM

I think you are talking about a Jeep Cherokee here (most Jeep models are available in Trailhawk trim). I have a 2020 Cherokee that I flat tow.

You are correct regarding the flat tow harness and the so-called death wobble. That applies to 2018 and earlier, and is not required on2019 and later.

Any Cherokee Trailhawk can be flat towed because the Active Drive 2 drivetrain is standard equipment. It can be ordered in any other trim level of the Cherokee, but it is relatively unusual to find one (mine is a Cherokee Limited that was special ordered).

The collision avoidance thingy you mention is part of the Technology Package option. It is not standard equipment on the Cherokee. It’s plainly apparent if the car has this option,there is kind of a eyeball radar sensor in the lower front grill below the bumper. To answer your question, it has no impact on towing because the Jeep is turned off while towing, so it’s not active.

RV735 12-19-2020 10:59 AM

We purchased a 2019 Cherokee Trailhawk last year and traveled out West to Yellowstone and back to NY, 5K miles. No problems. We installed the Demco brakes and Blue Ox front tow plate and a wiring harness for the tail lights at a RV dealer. Our RV had the Blue Ox tow bar and AirForce One brake system form towing a Jeep Liberty. The Trailhawk replaced our Jeep Liberty that we had towed for a total of 75K.

Finding a reputable RV dealer that has experience in installing the electrical components is important. The modern day vehicles have a lot electrons that if not done correctly can cause a lot of $ damage.

Make sure YOU are instructed at the installer the hook up process of the Jeep to the RV and follow the instruction in the Jeep manual on how to set the Jeep up using the neutral button to flat tow four wheels down.

Safe Travels and THE JOY IS IN THE RIDE

Joy216 12-19-2020 07:13 PM

Thank You!
Thank you everyone for your very helpful replies! This answered several questions. We decided to go with the 2020 Trailhawk.

Thanks again,


momdoc 12-19-2020 08:18 PM

You will not need the special "harness" to be installed. Just follow the directions in the manual. It takes about 30 seconds for us to set up our 2020 Trailhawk for towing. We use a blu-ox hitch and Air Force One braking system.

9,000 miles with the jeep so far and no problems at all.

ChuckBahner 12-24-2020 04:25 PM

2020 grand cherokee trailhawk tow shield comments
Hi: i just bought this one and had the flat tow set up installed this week. The rv dealer installed the required wiring harnesses and a charging line to prevent battery going down so the battery won't need to be disconnected. My last toad was old so i did not worry about a towing shield. Now this one is pretty and i want it to stay nice. I have checked out two front towing "covers" at 400 plus and 500 plus dollars, they cover from the front up over the windshield. But one velcros into the front wheel well and velcro just could not hold up well there and the other has a hooks to be screwed into the wheel wheels and i don't like that. Anybody had good success with a particular towing "shield"?

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