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Floridastorm 01-03-2021 10:34 AM

Warranty Specifics
If and when you purchase a used motor home, that is still within the manufacturer's warranty period, is the balance of that warranty usually transferable to the new owner? If yes, then are there any manufacturers that do not allow transfer of their warranty?


Old Guy Dave :wavey:

MSHappyCampers 01-03-2021 04:45 PM

Hi Dave! I've never had experience with that, but I can't imagine any reputable RV manufacturer not honoring the warranty, no matter how many owners it's had! JMHO :thumb::D

Dutch Star Don 01-04-2021 08:09 PM

Typically, the factory warranty is good to whomever owns the vehicle/RV. Aftermarket warranties typically require the new owner to register or pay a fee to continue the warranty.

lllkrob 01-05-2021 01:23 PM

You will have to search the manufacturers web site for warranty details. I believe some Thor, Forest River, and Fleetwood products may not have transferable warranties to the second owner.

gljurczyk 01-05-2021 02:37 PM

Warranty Specifics
If your talking about the drive train yes, if your talking about the house within the first year most will. Just about all warranty are transferable. If your talking about an extended one there is normally a charge.

Gary RVRoamer 01-07-2021 03:54 PM

I don't think there is any general answer - you have to check each manufacturer and sometimes individual product lines, e.g. motorhomes vs towables.

From what I read, the Jayco warranty is to the original owner only. However, the separate warranties on appliances or motorhome chassis components may be honored the the component manufacturer regardless of who is in possession.

Thor Motorcoach says their warranty covers the first and second owner only.

Floridastorm 01-11-2021 01:33 PM

Pretty well answers my original question.

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