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gator67 05-15-2009 07:45 PM

Voyager Rear Camera Display
I was sitting in my driver's seat about to fuel the RV, when this little box dropped down on my foot. The box is black and is about 4" by 2" and says "Voyager" on it. My quick mind realized that this box is associated with the rear camera and display. I looked underneath the dash (not easy the way the console was designed) to see where it might have fallen from, and I saw two options. On the backside of the rear camera display are two squares of Velcro, and it appeared that the sticky backing came off the little black box, but when I tried to put it up there. it didn't seem to go because of where the cables were routed. The other possibility is a metal bar that was installed between the back of the front panel of the dash (right next to the back of the screen), and the back wall. There was tape on that, so it might have been attached to that metal bar. I used plastic wraps and attached the box to the metal bar. Can anyone else tell me where they have this black box mounted? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

zinom 05-21-2009 05:22 PM

I had same thing happen to me. I verified all connections were in tight and then was able to tie wrap the box in place high behind the dash. ( I did have to remove the dash a few inches to get my hands in; but it beat hanging up-side-down.) I haven't had a problem since. Good luck!

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