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Flyer15015 01-26-2021 10:12 PM

Third party RV inspector needed
O.K. guys and gals, here is the deal.
I have a sister in law who lives in Florida.
She found a class "C" that she really likes in San Diego, California.
Air fares are good now, so she would fly out and drive it back to Florida.

HOWEVER, the seller is a private party, not a dealership.
Pictures look good, but you never know if they are "current", or tell the whole story.

SO, the question is. Is there someone in the San Diego area, that would be willing to do a "third party" inspection of this rig, and assure her it is safe and that all the systems work as they should ? If there is a fee involved we can certainly discuss it. We are looking for a knowledgeable RV'r or service that does that kind of thing.

If you know of anybody in that area, please post here or PM me.

Thanks in advance,
Mike in Colorado

NLOVNIT 01-26-2021 10:16 PM

It wouldn't happen to be this person, would it?

Looks like she might've joined & asked the question herself. Too much of a coincidence the RV is in San Diego, private party sale & in need on an inspection.


Flyer15015 01-26-2021 10:32 PM

Yup, that's her.
Rather than hiring a professional service, if we could find a knowledgeable RV'r that would look the rig over, and assure her it's O.K. to drive, and all the systems work, it would be worth a couple of Benjamin's.

Mike in Colorado

chunker 01-27-2021 04:33 AM

A third/independent part inspector is a good idea but be assured it's not flawless. A seller could hide a flaw and inspectors are only human and may miss stuff. The thoroughness of an inspection depends on how long he/she has, the facilities available for the inspection, and the weather. Some examples, we were looking over a motorhome in a driving rain. Not conducive to crawl around under but great for spotting the windshield leak. I bought a 5th wheel, in sig line, and brought it home for a day to inspect in my pole barn, full hookups and concrete floor. I had all day available. I'm not a professional but very thorough.

Use your favorite search engine to hunt for RV inspectors in that area and call to interview. Hopefully someone here can steer you in a specific direction.

Toby Dog 01-27-2021 05:07 AM

Lot's of RVs for sale in Florida. They will be cheaper and not have CA emission systems on them. No way would I drive an untested RV 3000 miles possibly by myself.

Flyer15015 01-27-2021 11:02 AM

Yes Toby, I kind of agree, but she has found, after a couple of years looking, just the right model, in just the right condition and for an acceptable price.
Only problem is the distance. And of course the seller is probably not willing to meet her half way.............
When I traded coaches recently, I had to drive mine 500 miles to the dealer to inspect theirs and let them inspect mine. I did not consider that an issue, and we did the deal, but "cross country" is a whole nother thing. Especially a lady alone.

Mike in Colorado

NLOVNIT 01-27-2021 06:19 PM

Since the member posted herself, please post your suggestions in her thread so she'll get the help for which she's looking directly.

Just click on the link in my post 2 above to be taken to her thread.


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