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Angelo 02-06-2021 02:29 PM

Samsung refrigerator failure, 2014 Anthem
curious if other class "a" owners have had a residential refrigerator fail in there coach, i'm a part timer, have used the coach an average of 3 times a year since 2014, samsung has failed, thank god for the extended warranty

brobox 02-06-2021 04:13 PM

There have been several posts of Samsung failures and problems. Was yours the compressor?

Archer2 02-07-2021 12:40 PM

I had a Samsung model RF18 in my previous coach and it had two, distinct types of failure. The first type was a show stopper and the symptoms were that the compressor would not operate. I though it was the compressor itself had failed but no. It turned out to be a capacitor failure in the compressor controller board (Samsung refers to it a the Inverter board but it has nothing to do with the Coach inverter). The board is located under a plastic cover on top of the refrig. Itís easy to access and a replacement board is just plug and play. Cost was about $200 for the part.
The second problem was just a nuisance. Symptom was that water would accumulate in the bottom of the refrig and inside the crisper drawers. This was caused by a bad design of the defrost system that allowed the drain hole to ice over and then the water from a defrost cycle wasnít able to drain into the pan and would overflow Into the refrig. The fix was to install a longer tab that wrapped around the defrost heater coil and extended further down into the drain hole. Easy do it yourself job and the part was cheap.
Hereís a vid on how to fix it and a link to the part.


Busskipper 02-07-2021 01:35 PM

This tread sort of sums up my feelings about samsung - JUNK

Long and short they have questionable reliability PERIOD.

Then when you have an issue they really do not have a Strong Reputation on the ability to Diagnose it or Repair it.

After almost 16 hours of work/diagnoses on my RF18 they declared it Junk. - their words - JUNK!

So because I also spent all that time with them I was able to sort of understand what they were un able to figure out.

In my case Freezer worked - refrigerator not at all - so they replaced the fan - no change - they replaced the board - no change they tested for 4 + hours and determined that the wire to the fan was bad, somewhere in the insulation - Unrepairable - JUNK!

So after another 10 to 12 hours trying to get them to warranty it - all to no Avail.

I went online - ordered a fan - ebay $25.00 - figured I'd work a thermostate into the wiring and hard wire the fan - using an Ice Pick to penetrate the insulation and make it remote - so the fan arrives - and i got all my stuff - wire, thermostat, fan and just before I go out to start the task - the light goes off in my head - :eek: - let's just try the fan - did - it worked - refrig worked - now all is well - spent 120+ days in it last summer with no issues.

Remember samsung declared it unrepairable - JUNK!

That's my Story. Follow the repair tech around ask and learn - it may help.

Best of Luck,

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