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Pesky1 03-17-2021 08:53 AM

Leveler power unit leak
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Looking for help please. My new motorhome has a hydraulic leak from this screw. I live far from the dealer so would like to repair myself if it only needs a simple O ring. Lippert said this is an auxiliary port. The screw turns clockwise and counter but never seems to get snug or stop leaking. Online pictures always show it as flush to the side but never identifies or describes it. Can anyone confirm this is basically a plug I can remove, find an O ring and replace? Would it be under high pressure and will I lose all my fluid? It turns with a flat blade driver, has no head and looks like a 3/4 inch set screw. I attached two pictures and hope they post, but am new here and still learning.

SKP Kirk 03-17-2021 08:58 AM

That is a plug, but what concerns me is your statement that it will turn in either direction and not get tight. It should tighten on direction(probably clockwise) and loosen or remove it in the other(counter clockwise). If neither of those ever happen, that sounds like it has threads that are stripped.

Pesky1 03-17-2021 09:10 AM

It does travel in and out with each turn, so threads are fine. I drove it in maybe a quarter of an inch and it had a bit of resistance, but I was concerned about possibly damaging a seal so did not torque on it. Also any pictures online always show it as flush and not inside the wall.

Pesky1 03-19-2021 02:22 PM

Final update: after gaining confidence that this is truly just a plug, I gave it a few extra turns to make it snug without removing to check for O ring damage. After two days, no leak. :dance:

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