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JimBones 04-15-2021 03:47 PM

New 2021 Ford F-53 Service AdvanceTrac message
I received a warning message on my driver's information center to "Service AdvanceTrac". This disabled cruise control and "hill assist". Seems to also impact the ABS/stability control system. My local Ford repair center said that Ford knows about this problem and has put out a software update to take care of it about a week or two ago. So this might be something to ask about when you take your RV in to have the rear differential fluid recall handled.

GMan2021 04-15-2021 07:26 PM


I was too far over to the right when a Semi was passing too close into my lane and ran on the rumble strips for about 10 seconds or so. My ABS/traction control dash lights came on. They stayed on and I lost cruise control function and hill assist until we got to our scheduled gas stop and I shut her down for about an hour for lunch. When I started her back up the lights were gone and I had full function again.

D20 04-15-2021 10:10 PM

I was traveling today in gusty wind conditions and getting blown around pretty good. I was really working the wheel. I had been driving in these windy conditions for at least an hour, maybe longer, when all of a sudden the “Service Advancetrac” message popped up on the screen and the cruise control switched off. I pulled over and shut the engine off and waited about 5 minutes or so. Restarted and the “Service Advancetrac” message remained active. I stopped about 45 minutes later for about 10 minutes and when I restarted the engine, the “Service Advancetrac” message had cleared and all was back to normal.

I remember reading somewhere that someone mentioned something about driving in wind conditions causing this message to come up. But I can’t find it now.

I will ask my Ford dealer about the software update when I take it in next month.

aeroquality 04-23-2021 07:38 PM

I had the same message today coming home from a service done at a Ford truck center (to inspect the rear end fluid and fix broken brake pads). I have a brand new 2021 Newmar. The warning came on after I drifted a bit right on the white line. I kept driving home and later got a hill assist unavailable warning. After stopping and shutting the engine off for few minutes, I restarted and the yellow traction light was gone. Will seek the software update on my next service (which will likely be when the recall drops on the rear axle).

COWolverine 04-24-2021 08:41 AM

We also had the same"ServiceAdvanceTrac" message on our '21 Baystar. Somewhere else on the web I read that most of the time the problem could be solved by disconnecting and reconnecting the wiring connection just above the Parking Brake. I did that, and the message went away for a while.

So, now, after reading about the software upgrade, I would like to go to a Ford Truck Service Center, but the nearest one for me is over two-hundred miles away. Since "AdvanceTrac" is on other Ford models, I am going to find out if any local dealer can take care of the software upgrade. We shall see!

COWolverine 04-30-2021 10:30 AM

UPDATE: I finally found a local Ford Dealer who is not a "Truck Service Center" and will take a look at the AdvanceTrac problem with their diagnostics. I made an appointment next week.

Dealer also noted that if it is a warranty issue, it will be covered and he can bill it directly to Ford. Only potential problem, the dealer cannot hoist the Bay Star 3014, so if there is a problem that requires that to happen, I'll still have to deal with the two hundred mile drive to the closest Truck Service Center. Hopefully, it gets solved!

DavidEM 04-30-2021 02:40 PM

I have had the same thing happen in my E350 chassis based Thor Axis. The Service Advance Trac message has come on twice while running smoothly down the road. Turning the engine off and on for lunch clears it.

S&%$, I don't want to deal with Ford truck service. What does Advance Trac and Hill Assist do?


D20 05-03-2021 04:18 PM

I took my 2020 F-53 into the dealer today for an oil change, etc. I told them about the "Service Advancetrac" message popping up on the screen when driving in windy conditions.

Of course there were no codes stored and the tech stated "the concern was most likely triggered due to to failed calibration of the control sensors"

The service writer told me a re-calibration of the sensors was done. But the paperwork doesn't state that, so I have my doubts.

According to my dealer, there is no software update available to address this message popping up.

JimBones 05-04-2021 06:17 PM

update to post #1 in this "service advancetrac" thread
I am the original poster in this thread and here is an update. After having my coach for 2 weeks, the Ford service center identified and replaced a broken right rear wheel speed sensor under warranty. I was exactly 8 miles away from the dealer when the "Service Advancetrac" warning message popped up and the ABS light came on again! :banghead: The fault appeared right when I crossed a bridge joint and got a pretty big jolt so it may be an intermittent wiring problem. Since we have a trip planned, I could not just turn around and have them take another 2 weeks to look at it again. I called the dealer and about all he could say was sorry and bring it back in. Like others have reported, when I shut off the engine and restarted it, the fault had cleared. We'll see how long that lasts.

When I asked about the software update, the service rep did not know about it and said there was none applicable to my model which was pretty surprising to me since I was told otherwise. So I am sorry for passing along misinformation and hope I didn't cause anyone too much worry.

DavidEM 05-05-2021 09:23 AM

I suspect that the spark plug wire problem started out this way with sporadic failures and conflicting information on causes and fixes.

So I am going to give it time and see what develops.

FWIW the Service Advancetrac message came on when I was driving down a smooth Interstate at 60 mph, and cleared when I shut the engine down and restarted.


COWolverine 05-05-2021 09:00 PM

Back from a Ford Dealer today, who ran a diagnostic check of the "AdvanceTrac" system. That check found that a harness, which held some wiring that was part of the system, had broken. It allowed that wiring to fall and make contact with the exhaust system, melt, and fail. I'm not sure, but that failed wiring may have led to sensors that had something to do with the rear wheels.

That failed wiring was replaced and secured. During the drive home that took about an hour, the "service" message never appeared, the cruise control operated flawlessly, and it might be just me but the engine seemed to run smoother!

We shall see, but so far I am encouraged!

aeroquality 05-05-2021 11:34 PM

Thank you for the details. I also have a 2021 Bay Star (a 3626) and have had this issue. What was the location of the wire/harness issue on your coach - I would like to inspect that area as well.

COWolverine 05-06-2021 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by aeroquality (Post 5739936)
Thank you for the details. I also have a 2021 Bay Star (a 3626) and have had this issue. What was the location of the wire/harness issue on your coach - I would like to inspect that area as well.

I cannot honestly say, because I did not crawl under the coach to look. My best recollection of the problem as described when I picked up the coach is that the wiring fell onto the muffler after a harness holding the wiring failed. Adding to my lack of information for you is the fact that some of the work was covered by the Ford Warranty, but the harness was a Newmar installation and wasn't covered by Ford. I was told that I should submit the rest of the charge to Newmar on the chance that their Warranty would cover the additional work.

Service from this Ford Dealer on other vehicles has been entirely satisfactory for me in the past. I trust their word and I am very hopeful that the problem is solved. But, I am sorry that I cannot give you much more information.

SoCal_Mike 05-06-2021 10:30 AM

CO Wolverine, I ran into the same issue. The stability control malfunction light on my ‘21 Bay Star has come on twice during normal highway driving. My local Ford dealer said they could look at what the computer says about the issue. But, they would be unable to do any repair involving the wheels as they simply aren’t set up for big vehicles. I am taking mine to a Ford truck service center a couple of hours away next week and hopefully they can cure it in one shot. I will post an update when I find out what’s going on.

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