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Jeff 2.0 04-22-2021 04:29 PM

Freshwater Tank Won't Drain
I have a '99 Fleetwood American Tradition 40TVS and I am experiencing an issue regarding draining the freshwater tank. I open the hot and cold water drain valves in the water compartment along with the two drain valves in the opposite side luggage compartment. When I open all 4 values they drain for just a few seconds and then basically stop. The cold water drain in the water closet will drain slowly if I run the water pump (although the book says not to run the water pump to drain the tank). I have followed the steps in the owners manual and the tank will not drain.

waterjosh 04-22-2021 05:02 PM

In the couple trailers we've had what you have been opening is the system drain, there should be another valve right next to or against the freshwater tank itself. Usually has a hose hanging down low

MDFiver 04-22-2021 08:30 PM

This discussion may or may not be helpful.

Gary RVRoamer 04-24-2021 11:02 AM

Just turn on the water pump. The low point drains aren't in the tank itself, so you need pump pressure to push water to the drains.

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