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Tooduff 05-04-2021 11:40 AM

Electrical issue 2002 Bounder
I have a 2002 Fleetwood Bounder 34d on Ford Chassis. I bought about a month ago. It been running and everything worked. All of a sudden it wont start and my steps stopped working and the control panel for the level system wont power up. I check the no start issue and verified no fuel pressure. Iím thinking all these things are related. Maybe a ground issue. Any ideas?

Skip426 05-04-2021 09:01 PM

Welcome to iRV2 :flowers:

Sorry your first post is about problems.

You appear to be having issues with both chassis and coach systems , so you might have a couple of problems .
A few question , you say no start , and verified no fuel pressure ; so I'm assuming the engine cranks over , but won't run . Correct ?

Do you have a volt meter and / or a 12 volt test light ?
Do you have any manuals for the steps and levelers ?
Manufacturers names for those systems?

Isaac-1 05-05-2021 06:45 AM

What brand of chassis is it on, and which engine do you have?

Tooduff 05-05-2021 10:08 AM


Originally Posted by Isaac-1 (Post 5738764)
What brand of chassis is it on, and which engine do you have?

Thank you. If a Ford f53 chassis. Spins over wont start. Check fuel pressure at rail. No pressure. Check voltage to and from inertia switch. 13 volts. Also verified it lights my test light. I like a test light that way I know it can carry amperage. I donít know what brand steps.

Skip426 05-05-2021 10:26 AM

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Thanks for coming back with the the fact your able to test .
I too prefer to have both a meter and a light handy.
Your leveling system manufacturer's name should be on the control pad , but you'll probably have to go under the coach to see the step manufacturer.

Tooduff 05-05-2021 05:58 PM

I keep the RV at on a relatives property about 70 miles away so I wonít be able to get back there till Saturday to fool with it

Skip426 05-05-2021 09:32 PM

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Can you pull into a Ford dealer on route and see if they can photo copy a page of the fuse/relay layout on your F-53 chassis so you can look for a fuel pump relay .
Just in case your step system is Kwikee , here's a couple of pdfs.

If the levelers are HWH . Here is the web site where you can find everything you need to help with your problem.

Tooduff 05-06-2021 04:12 PM

I got a fuel pump schematic from Ford. The inertia switch is after the relay so if I have voltage coming out of the inertia switch which I do it goes straight to the pump. I need to crawl under and check power and ground back there.

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