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mtofell 05-06-2021 12:23 PM

Yeah, definitely clean, clean, clean and remove all the old caulking. I've had better luck over the years with RV roof sealant rather than tape but it's just a personal decision. I've had different levels of success with different products depending on roof type and severity of dirt/mold/damage. Simple Green is generally good but be sure to wash away any residue of that prior to sealing. I've done a 3-step process of Simple Green, then Windex to clean away the SG then water to wash away the Windex (letting it dry fully before applying sealant). I'm mainly talking about the seams and edges. As some others have said the roof itself looks pretty rough but without seeing it up close it's tough to tell.

John Boy 05-06-2021 02:08 PM

Use the Eternabond on the vents and skylights if you take them out to clean or replace. Search online for the replacement skylight. I got mine from the dealer and they got it from some cheap supplier. There are places that make any dimensions you want.
Enjoy the heat and the snakes. I left Tucson two weeks ago for cooler weather.
If you need it, I can probably find the custom skylight company. Somewhere near Denver.
Good Luck!

Originally Posted by Azsnakelover (Post 5739538)
I also already have self leveling sealant and roof coating ready. The plan has been to clean up the roof, get rid of all the old caulking, and reseal every opening. Then the etrnabond over the entire perimeter, and some of the seals, plus the rubber roof coating. From the comments, it sounds like i will be set with that. Thank you everyone.

cavie 05-06-2021 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by TXiceman (Post 5738901)
The caulk and sealant on roof does not look good. What I can see of the roof material, it does not look good.

As a minimum, I would clean all the old caulk off and reseal all of the seams. You might try a roof coating like Henry Tropicool on the roof.

You mentioned water damaged flooring. Have you identified the source of the water leak and made sure it is stopped to prevent additional damage.

What year is your 5er? The roof might be at the end of it's life.


OP stated 29ft 1994 Alpenlite DL:thumb:

Azsnakelover 05-08-2021 03:08 AM


Originally Posted by TRNewsom (Post 5740083)
I just went through this process on a roof that was in similar shape. The rubber roof was pretty much toast. I applied the rubber coating ( used the Dicor system), used Eternabond on the entire perimeter and over the edges so that it also went over the screw cover trim. Then the self leveling caulk around the vents and such. Been a year and all is holding up well. When working with the tape, I found it was easier to do it in about 4 ft sections and just overlap the ends about a half inch. If you try to work with too much length, itís easy to let it stick to itself or somewhere you donít want it and it will not let go.

Pretty much exactly my plam, thanks!

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