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johninsd 05-10-2021 01:28 PM

Sprinter AEM recall and California smog test
I had the recall done a few weeks ago and I was due for a biannual smog check. Asked if they could do the smog check while it was at the MB dealer but was told that my RV would not fit in their test bay. So I planned to pick it up after the recall was done and go right to the smog test place. But the service adviser told me I would need to drive at least 300 miles before getting the smog test so the computer would get all caught up. So I drove out to the desert for a picnic, about 170 miles round trip and figured that should do it. And my Scangauge II said "Ready" which I thought meant that the OBD2 system was ready for a smog check. It said "Ready" from the time I picked it up after the recall was done.

It failed the smog check, not because of any codes but because of several "Incompletes". I looked up the required "Drive Cycle" to get all the incompletes reset and found it looked near impossible to do in any traffic. So I set my Scangauge to show when a "Regen" happened, figured that would reset things, then I went for a drive, stopping occasionally to hook up my little scanner and see if the "Inc"s had gone away.

I never saw a "Regen" happen until I had driven about 460 miles total from the time the recall was finished. And I was about 150 miles from home at the time so there was a total of about 600 miles driven after the recall. And it passed the retest this morning, still had one "Incomplete" but it can pass with any two sensors showing "Incomplete".

So just a heads up, if you are due for a smog check get it done before the AEM recall is done (I don't know if it can pass smog with an open recall on the emissions system but I think that MB is not calling this recall a recall so maybe it will). Or get the AEM work done just before a trip you're planning to take anyway. Also I would not trust the "Ready" message from a Scangauge II. The scanner I bought to read the codes was about $23 from Amazon and it worked fine for my purposes - no need for a fancier one. It is an Autel MS309.

My fuel mileage seems to have dropped from about 15 mpg to between 13 and 14 after the recall but that's just data from two fillups so I'll need to collect some more data before I can say whether there's been a significant change. An upcoming 2500 mile trip should tell the tale. I've tracked every gallon of diesel since this RV was new so it will be interesting to see if there is an inflection point in the fuel consumption graph.

Diesel-Lover 05-13-2021 12:38 PM

Important information for all the sprinter based rigs in California

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