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pokgunner 05-10-2021 07:18 PM

Model number cross reference
Does anyone know of a resource the provides a cross reference for the model number on the equipment Winnebago installs to the model number that the manufacture uses when it is not going to Winnebago?

I am guessing that Winnebago does that to force customers to buy parts only from them, at much higher prices. I first encountered this when tryin to get parts for the inverter.

Then once I had a piece of pluming crack and leak. I forget the manufacture's name (sea-somehting), but it was molded to the part. When I could not find any hardware store that carried the part, I called the manufacture. The rep searched for the part I described and came back telling me that they do not manufacture it. Then I sent her a picture of the part with their name on it. She called me back and said they can only sell that part to Winnebago. Winnebago wanted about $50 for it. So I rerouted the plumbing using parts that cost less than half as much. Yes that took a lot more labor but I was mad, once again, at Winnebago.

Now the Shurflow water pump leaks, and surprise when I look for a rebuild kit its model number is nowhere to be found (2088 422 175). I am sure that it is the same as one of he model numbers that Shurflow sells to the rest of us. If only I had a cross reference.

Ray,IN 05-10-2021 08:44 PM

Yes, the online Winnebago parts catalog lists both W and supplier part numbers, does not however list suppliers name.
You'll find the parts link in the sticky at page top.

pokgunner 05-10-2021 11:07 PM

Thanks but
I can not find a 'sticky at page top'. Can you be less cryptic, please?

I have searched for a parts catalog and besides a lot of 404 errors the only thing I can find is (do not know how to make it a link):

It does not have the model number for my pump and certainly does not have any cross references.

Do you know what motivates Winnebago to change the model number, besides frustrating its customers???

pokgunner 05-10-2021 11:08 PM

looks like it automatically became a link!

cbeierl 05-10-2021 11:24 PM

Go here Parts Catalog and select the year and model of your coach for the parts catalog for your model coach. If you go here Service Parts List and enter the last 5 digits of your Winnebago SN (not VIN) you can get an as-built parts list for your particular coach.

One or both of these may help you in your search.

pokgunner 05-12-2021 06:03 PM

Thanks. Unless I am overlooking something neither of these links do anything but tell me Winnebago’s part number. Which is different than the model number.

I’ve encounter this matter several times. For the latest one, the water pump, has a model number that is clearly readable on the pump. But it is Winnebago's model number NOT Shurflow’s. There is a 99.9% probability that Shurflow makes (made) the exact same pump but with a different model number that they sold to others besides Winnebago.

If I knew that model number, I could buy a rebuild kit for under $40.

At (which I think uses the same links you suggested) will sell me the whole pump for $97.94 plus S/H. I can buy a replacement pump for a lot less at most nearly any RV parts dealer. I would actually pay more for a model that is not Winnebago’s private reserve so that if it needs a new diaphragm later I will be able to repair it.

I’ve had this problem of needing to match Winnebago’s special model number with the manufactures standard model number several times. In most cases I was able to find the manufacture the standard model number. But sometimes it took a while and I am still trying to get the standard model number for the water pump.

When I submitted the post I doubted that anyone has tried to make a cross reference of Winnebago’s’ private model numbers to the manufacture’s standard model number. That would be very hard to do without Winnebago’s help.

Winnebago must have some reason, which I cannot fathom, for making it so hard to make repairs. Using super-secret model numbers is just one means to make repairs harder and adds to the cost becasue if you can not find the standard model you will pay more.

Simple changes in the design would make access to equipment much easier. It often takes longer to get to the equipment than to repair it. I would rate their drawings and wiring information a c+ but that is only after I’ve spent many hours figuring out the hidden tricks on how to read them. A how to use guide of about four 4 pages long would have saved me many hours.

I tell anyone that inquiries about a Motor home, that they should not buy one unless they are very handy, or prepared to have their unit sit in a shop 2 to 6 weeks a year. I am still glad I own one, it is just so frustrating that the repair time is about 5 times more than the repair time I spend on my three vehicles and home, combined.

Ray,IN 05-12-2021 07:03 PM

IF you're talking about the 12V water pump, the label does list the Sureflo model#. You may also match the water pump by GPM output and pressure rating, and amp-draw. This is nothing special you may purchase and install any 12V pump you wish, with higher GPM and pressure.
Last pump I bought was from a farm store, much less money than from an RV supply store.

cbeierl 05-12-2021 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by pokgunner (Post 5749166)
At (which I think uses the same links you suggested) will sell me the whole pump for $97.94 plus S/H....

Just fyi, is a division of Mobility RV, no connection with Winnebago itself. They and Lichtsinn's RV in Forest City are both good parts sources, just not part of Winnebago.

Piros1 05-12-2021 10:03 PM

FWIW Winnebago is mot the only RV manufacturer that does this. My Newmar has similar issues. I talked with the shade manufacturer and they said they are under contract with Newmar and I gave to by my parts from them. I think there are a lot of OEM’s that fo this. Sometimes you can do as Ray suggested and swap find a replacement that fits and covers the bases, it may or may not be from the same manufacturer. There are some parts that regardless you will need to go OEM because they pay for the engineering or design for a specific item and the manufacturer is under contract such as my shades and your options are ho OEM or do without. That’s just business.

pokgunner 05-12-2021 11:21 PM

I know I can buy a pump. What I want is a repair kit that goes for half the price. But can not be sure of the right one because of the Winnebago-only Model number

pokgunner 05-12-2021 11:30 PM

I have to say that every time I needed a part that would be hard to find elsewhere (like light switch that matches the others) have been very good at helping, although pricey. Not so good at parts for a component manufactured by other.

It is surprising that is not owned by Winnebago. I thought that the reason for the switching model numbers scheme was to increase profits by forcing customers to buy parts from Winnebago. No I am bewildered as to why Winnebago insists on their own special model number and will not divulge the standard model number.

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