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nairb68 05-11-2021 09:27 PM

2016 Canyon Star 3914 - 110V Receptacle Not Working
Hi All, It's been one of those days... and I'm in one of those modes where I know I'm going to do the obvious over and over. So I'm reaching out for a simple nudge in the right direction. Everything in our coach works perfectly and has. Tonight my wife went out and plugged in an appliance in the front of the coach and it didn't work. I figured it was a GFI, no problem. I located the GFI under the upper kitchen cabinets and it wouldn't reset = very odd. So that began the pursuit. I know that household GFI's won't reset if there isn't power to it and am assuming that this is the same issue for the coach (seeking confirmation). Could this be a fuse issue? If you are familiar with the Canyon Start 3914, am I looking for the fuse block in the driver's compartment or under the hood? All of the 110V receptacles in the latter half of the coach (and everything else in the coach) work just fine. The only circuit that is turned off at the moment is the refer, as we're not using it until we prepare for travel. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Keep well, N

Steve-W 05-12-2021 05:18 AM

The GFI's used in RV's are the same as household devices. Typically they will not reset unless there is power available to the device.

There are no fuses in the 120 VAC system all overcurrent devices are circuit breakers.

The receptacle that is not functioning may be fed by your inverter, check the breaker feeding your inverter. If you have a sub panel for the inverter output the load circuits will be fed from those breakers. There may also be a circuit breaker on the inverter itself.

You mentioned you have the refer turned off, if you flipped a breaker to do this that may be your problem.

New2road 05-12-2021 05:38 AM

We had multiple GFI receptacles in our CS 3719, even had one in the basement. My guess would be you haven't found the one associated with that receptacle yet. From memory, we had one in the BR. One in the kitchen, and one in the basement.

As mentioned, these are all powered off the circuit breakers, no fuses in line.

Cycle through your AC breakers, sometimes the tripped circuits are not as obvious and you may find it be actually moving the breakers.

Lastly, power up the fridge circuit and make sure it isn't the breaker feeding the receptacle without power.

nairb68 05-12-2021 09:04 PM

Follow Up... Solution Discovered
Thank you for the guidance. We were back out there tonight and it was the appliance breaker that looked like it was on but it was really off. Once that was toggled, the GFI and other plugs had the expected power.

Thank you again for the help! - N

New2road 05-13-2021 12:01 AM

We have all been there, glad it was an easy fix. If you haven't done so already, climb into the storage area (basement) and locate your inverter and the inverter reset. Much easier to do this in nice weather and daylight than in the dark at 15 degrees. Don't ask me how I know:whistling:

Some day, you will plug in one too many loads and it will trip. Better to know where you are going in advance to restore inverter power.


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